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4/16/2014 – Easy Account Creation with cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 16 04 2014.

Account creation is perhaps one of the first tasks you will do with cPanel. Whether website owners or host providers, they need to create accounts for every user to access server files or do several changes. Fortunately, cPanel made account creation simpler with its features.


In using the control panel, you can conduct the following tasks easily and ensure every account is set up before the team is ready to access cPanel.


Set up account profiles


Account creation may vary depending on the people accessing cPanel and the server. A host provider assigns user accounts for their clients. The clients will be given access to their servers through cPanel and then give it to their own employees. User accounts have complete access to their servers while the reseller ensure every account under its service is protected. Once profiles are set, users will be good to go in using cPanel.


Email account creation


Email accounts are vital for every website owner, being the main contact information for businesses. cPanel makes it possible for users to set email accounts for everyone working for the company according to the allotted number of accounts by the server. When created, email accounts can be accessed through the webmail services that come with cPanel. No need to wait for extended period of time as the email account will be available immediately and use for content creation or other online tasks.


SSL encryption


Server protection is the most-needed feature in setting up servers, websites and accounts. cPanel gives way to encrypted or non-encrypted account creation. Boosting protection means keeping the server from potential malware attacks that may come with email or cPanel access. Despite the encryption feature, users can still set up accounts with no problems while ensuring protection.


Account access assignment


Server users obtain their own accounts from the actual server provider. Users can assign specific role to their employees with their respective access control to ensure only authorized people can access the files or the entire server. Similarly in setting up emails, account access assignment is simple and can be done in minutes. Uses can also limit access to specific parts of cPanel like database, emails, blogging platforms, and many more.


Easy Setup Wizard


Aside from manual account creation, cPanel also comes with an Easy Setup Wizard, a feature that aids in creating accounts and their initial configurations. This feature has an independent documentation at cPanel’s website and comes with step-by-step tutorials. Even if you’re not a cPanel expert, you can create accounts for cPanel access through the entire available documentations that come with the feature. Simply check these documents and you’ll be on your way in creating accounts for your users or colleagues.


Overall, cPanel gives you the control by setting up accounts according to the individuals accessing it. Read on offered documentations online to help you create accounts for specific users, all of them with limited controls if necessary to heighten server security. Choose cPanel and experience complete server control by setting users’ accounts with ease.