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4/15/2014 – cPanel Kickstart and Its Functions

Posted by Jamison on 15 04 2014.

cPanel has numerous functionalities developed for its valued users. Majority of these features or functions are self-defining and self-explanatory, which make the control panel easier to use. Nevertheless, some features require further definition as introduction for users like in the case of kickstart.


What is Kickstart?


Kickstart is cPanel auto provisioning feature. Its definition can be self-explanatory as its primary function is to apply your needed configurations or settings right after installing the control panel. Hence, this is a feature that will help you kickstart your cPanel procedures. Utilizing kickstart will just require users to do their tasks immediately upon completing the installation process.


The difference


A common concept revolving installation any program or online solution is you can only configure its settings after its installation. However, kickstart is different as you can configure cPanel even before you install it. Some individuals want to utilize a certain EasyApache profile to begin using the control panel.


Many users may think that this solution utilizes imaging procedure to set a duplicate copy of the profile. cPanel supports the same procedure, but on a different procedure. Kickstart is different as it works with a kickstart file instead of an image file.


How kickstart works?


cPanel experts indicate that kickstart begins by preparing a kickstart file. This file will specify configurations that you prefer. Configuration options available include installation options, packages, partitioning and many more. Once configurations is set, a kickstart file will be sent to anaconda, an installer application of Red Hat. It will then work effectively on the operating system level.


The next question is how to operate kickstart on cPanel level. While operating system configuration is easier, users may find the cPanel level configuration a bit challenging. It requires a script that gives way to pre-installation configuration. Changes and configuration are set right in, which is found within the cpanel-ks.cfg. Doing this procedure ensures that settings are prepared before installation, something that you want to achieve in using kickstart.


While the aforementioned procedure can be quite technical, cPanel developers make sure to release documentation about the procedures involved in completing this task. As long as followed accordingly, users will have everything prepared in no time. At this point, it’s also possible to deploy    EasyApache custom profiles.


Installing third-party programs


Installing other programs is the last part of utilizing kickstart. Many cPanel users take advantage of third-party programs for their servers. It’s beneficial to have some programs installed automatically to promote kickstart’s auto-provisioning. Similarly in configuring cPanel, it requires following several technical commands that are available right on cPanel’s website and blog. They are guides to aid with program integration, which are necessary for specific users. The guide can be technical, but following them is also simpler.


Kickstart will get your online campaign running immediately. This is crucial if you want to save time in configuring your system. By setting everything up, you’ll be prepared and concentrate on your website or server properly. Check documentations to be confident in managing your own system while promoting efficiency.