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4/14/2014 – Understanding cPanel & WHM’s Build on the Technical Level

Posted by Jamison on 14 04 2014.

cPanel &WHM is known as the most reputable control panel in the online industry. Every online entrepreneur, from web owners to data centers, can take advantage of its notable features that suit their business types.


While most individuals won’t question cPanel’s features, some professionals need to understand this tool in a deeper sense to maximize its function for the business. They also need to know these details to apply necessary configurations designed for every user, particularly if they are setting cPanel for hosting plan clients.


The architecture


cPanel is a multi-tier system, which implies that it can be configured according to the user’s role. This ensures that specific users will have their respective server access and ensure security. Many individuals are curious about how this system works considering the number of people occupying a server from host providers. All these functionalities is possible with cPanel configured for specific user level.


Server administrator


Server administrators are regarded as the topmost cPanel users. They control the entire server and its components like user accounts. Their tasks include account creation and removal if necessary. With their full access, they are considered as the most powerful user. A server usually has a single administrator.




Resellers are server administrators’ subordinates. They manage user accounts created their own accounts, which means they are the administrator within their servers. However, they are still lower than the administrator because their access can be limited. Resellers will inherit access to WHM interface from administrators and can be taken away if necessary. Unlike server administrators, a server may have several resellers managing their own user accounts.


User accounts


User accounts are set for individuals who are the actual website owners. If you are planning to build your page, this is your role in this tier. You can either sign up with a reseller or a server administrator. As a user, you will be given your own access that enables website and email creation, subdomain creation, and many more. As someone inheriting access, you may have some limited access in the server. Your account may be removed by an administrator or reseller in case you violated certain terms.


As a user account owner, you can also have several mail user under your account. These are the accounts accessed by your employees or subscribers. You can also share your account to your own website administrator and set them for future website access.


Top quality architecture


cPanel’s success don’t only rely on its distribution to specific account owners. It also combines the power of several components like the operating system and web services. cPanel & WHM is designed with extreme compatibility with these factors, ensuring flawless performance at all times. Once accessed, the control panel also promotes security for the server after access is assigned by administrators.


Technical knowledge about how cPanel works for specific users is vital for every individual. They will understand their roles and granted access according to their account types. This guarantees superb functionality and maximize features according to their needs.