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4/11/2014 – Security and Backup for your Server

Posted by Jamison on 11 04 2014.

Servers have specific core procedures that work for users’ benefits. Examples of these core procedures are server security and backup. While procedures are also important, problematic security and backup procedures will result to server failure and loss of files.


The importance of security and backup


The problem with backup and security is fail one of them and you’ll lose your file and a great deal of money. Files within the server are the foundation of your websites, which is the portal that drives money to your account. Losing these files through threat attacks and system instability will result to starting all over again. Building everything from scratch will take so much of your time, which you should be spending on other vital web investments.


Security system investment


Securing server is not as difficult today compared in the past. Numerous modern solutions are now designed in strengthening server protection from potential attacks. However, it is vital to take note of regular maintenance procedures in configuring the system to enhance security. If you’ll notice, many companies and web owners invest on the finest security solutions with encryption structures that will keep files inaccessible from malwares.


Moreover, additional programs are also designed to protect servers from unauthorized access from other server users. Malwares are not the only ones to blame in destroying servers. Some hackers also spend time taking the encryptions on servers to access the files. Security protections enhance password protection, allowing companies to reset passwords from time to time. They won’t forget about regular password changes because of regular reminders set by the platform itself.


By investing on the right security solutions, users will find their servers secured than before, which will be a good way to protect websites and their businesses.


Investing on backup


Backup systems, as mentioned earlier, are crucial for servers. The last thing server users want to experience is to lose every web file saved in the server. Losing all these details mean starting the page from scratch and it would be a problem if updates have been applied to web apps and other services. Some individuals may say that re-establishing a website can be very easy, but a day of having an inaccessible website is the beginning of a significant income loss. It might even result to losing clients.


Backup is no problem in using cPanel regardless of the business type. It supports flawless backup procedures that ensure files are safe whenever changes are conducted. Website owners change their pages from time to time. Once changes occurred, cPanel will aid in backing up the current files and make them available for future use.


Backup schedules are also available for users’ peace of mind. With the latest cPanel offers, users can now backup weekly as additional option for daily and monthly backup procedures.


Backing up and security are the fundamental procedures server users must keep in mind at all times. With cPanel’s enhanced features, customers will experience superb efficiency and protection on their network files. Continuous improvement that come with the control panel made the entire process apply automation for these procedures.