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4/10/2015 – How to Delete a Forwarder

Posted by Jamison on 10 04 2015.

Forwarding is a simple process of re-sending an e-mail form one account to another e-mail account whenever a message is received. One reason why you may want to have your e-mails forwarded is to have their sender’s address intact or unchanged. This is specifically useful if you are using a mobile device or if you are away for a period of time.


Although it is very important to keep tabs on your e-mails there is also a negative side to e-mail forwarding. One reason is that you may want to consider other options instead of forwarding is that your mail provider may mark forwarded messages as spam. Oftentimes people tend to neglect or just delete their spam messages without even taking a look at what’s inside. This may cause problems to arise. It may result in missed opportunities or miscommunication.


Aside from mail forwarding, there are a number of other methods of getting your mails delivered to another address. One option is by having your e-mails pulled via pop3 from your main servers. Another would be to enable your mobile device to check both addresses for mail at the same time.


How to delete a forwarder


In any case, deleting an old existing forwarding set-up from your cPanel is easy. All you have to do is to go to the mail section and locate the forwarders tab. In the forwarders tab you will see a list of forwarder addresses that has been previously set up. Next to it is a delete button. Just click on that delete button, confirm deletion of entry and you’re done. It’s that easy.


Once you have deleted an entry, you will no longer be receiving forwarded messages from that server to your deleted mail address. Thus, if you wanted to have your mails delivered to a different e-mail, then you’ll have to set up another means of getting those mails delivered.


Creating/adding new forwarder accounts


If somehow you have decided that you wanted to have your mail forwarded again, setting up a forwarder is just as easy. Just as you did with deleting a forwarder entry, you’ll have to navigate to the mail section and look for the forwarding tab. In the forwarding section click on the “add forwarder” button. An address slot will then appear. On the address slot, fill in the required info on each respective slots. Just fill in the account name on the first slot and select from the drop down menu the correct service provider on the second. Then click on the add forwarder button. And that’s about it.


Choosing whether to forward your messages greatly depends on your needs. If however you see that it is safer to use other methods than e-mail forwarding, then it is important that you delete your forwarder first.


Deleting a forwarder will only take a few seconds and it does not require any technical skills. Just make sure that you can properly set a new method of receiving your e-mails so that you won’t miss a single one.