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4/09/2014 – Save Money with Dedicated Servers

Posted by Jamison on 09 04 2014.

Unlimited server essentials like storage and bandwidth drive people to the wrong direction most of the time. Most individuals think that these unlimited essentials are true to their definitions. The fact is hosting companies also set specific limitations on their services, particularly on bandwidth. Thus, resulting to overages.


When it comes to overages, an increased plan or dedicated servers can be the best solutions to counteract these extremely expensive fees. But even before discussing the solution, it is best to know everything first about overages.


What to understand about overages?


Overages in hosting services are similar with mobile phone plans. In the case of servers, users are given an allotted bandwidth limit, which will be consumed with every data transferred in accessing a website. Once a server user went over this limit, additional bandwidth consumed will have separate charges that should be settled.


Many individuals don’t know the price to pay for overages. Overage fees can be extremely costly because rate are per megabyte transferred. It means that you’re doomed if your website has a lot of files to transfer when you went over your limits. In many cases, overages are more expensive than the actual plan.


Not settling the overage has several consequences. One of these is probable shutting down of your website. For companies that don’t charge overage fees for bandwidth, website shut down is the immediate consequence in consuming all your allocation. This fact emphasizes the importance of knowing every detail about the hosting plan before deciding on a service.


How a dedicated server solves overage issues


Dedicated servers work various ways in solving overages. First having higher bandwidth limits compared to shared servers. Their bandwidth location can range from 500 gigabyte to a terabyte depending on the plan offered. More resources means less chances of consuming the allotted limits, which implies no overage fees.


Aside from higher limits, some server providers also increase their bandwidth allocation for their plans. Subscribers simply need to watch out for these resource increases and take advantage of the offer. Promos like this are offered for free and will be beneficial for everyone who are using dedicated servers.


While server companies may supersize allocations, they also lower down overage fees to make the plan more beneficial for customers. Some client profile tend to still go over despite the large bandwidth allocation, so companies want to make their overage cheaper than others. Rates are still offered per additional megabyte, but may vary depending on the server provider.


Finding suitable plans


The foundation of solving overage fees using dedicated servers is looking for the right plan that suit your needs. Compare essential features and gauge your monthly bandwidth consumption to avoid potential problems on charges. Aside from the main server plan rate, check for overage fees to guarantee you’ll not spend a fortune in case you went over your allocation.


Obtaining a dedicated server is a good option in combating over charges. However, remember that you don’t have to jump to getting dedicated servers immediately if you don’t need it or if its rates are beyond your budget.