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4/08/2014 – RVSiteBuilder’s New Look and Streamlined Features

Posted by Jamison on 08 04 2014.

RVSiteBuilder has been a household name when it comes to helping clients build their own website. They were able to create a webpage according to their preferred style and branding with ease. Starting online entrepreneurs and website owners spend a great deal of money just to sign up on hosting plans and other essentials. As much as possible, they are looking for better options to save money on their website design.


Introducing RVSiteBuilder 5.2


The company released quite a number of versions, but its recent release highlight an improved look and boosted features online a top developer can offer. Its earlier release has remarkable features and worth crediting. Nevertheless, today’s RVSiteBuilder offers both improved look and streamlined features modern website owners need.


New version, new look


The company is conducting an all-out promotion of its new RVSiteBuilder version. It’s noticeable that the website utilizes more visuals in marketing this new version, which is a good move because 5.2 has a lot to offer in terms of its visuals.


Marketing using website has become holistic and now includes portable devices. Web owners know that the future is on mobile devices with all the individuals owning these gadgets today. RVSiteBuilder enters the picture by offering its product optimized for smartphones and tablets aside from computer browsing. In the past, designing a website with both computer and device compatibility is challenging, but RVSiteBuilder makes it easier by adopting a mobile-first concept.


Through this concept, RVSiteBuilder 5.2 is now empowered to feed contents automatically after saving it on the website. It will then be adjusted through the mobile-first capability, which saves users time in managing their websites’ mobile version.


Streamlined features


Knowing about the mobile-first concept gives you an idea that RVSiteBuilder streamlined web designing. It offers a highly responsive web design that is immediately compatible with mobile devices. But aside from this feature, it tweaked style adjustment as part of its continuous improvement.


In style-adjusting, you’ll find yourself editing the header layout in the easiest way possible with its mobile compatibility. Give your mobile version with a more unique appeal without spending a lot of time. The developer extends its streamlining feature with its 20 navigation menu, which aids in designing your page according to your preferences.


If you want to make other components invisible on mobile display, you can simply check the ‘Mobile’ tab and set your needed configuration for such display.


Block management


People are visual beings and would like to see their web layouts with visual representations. RVSiteBuilder solves this problem by offering its block-style management. This gives users an idea about how the site will look like once it is available online. This feature doesn’t only concentrate in improving web designing in terms of visuals, but also in promoting organization than before. Upon publishing, the website’s mobile view will be set and previewed.


RVSiteBuilder 5.2 takes pride in promoting a great website design by gearing up with numerous fresh features. Take note of these solutions and check it the next time you edit or build a website using this site builder.


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