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4/07/2015 – Create an Entropy Search Engine

Posted by Jamison on 07 04 2015.

If you want to boost your online presence and be able to easily seen by online surfers, setting up an entropy search in your website can be of great help. Not only will you get an advance breakthrough in the SERPs but you will have the chance to modify and be creative with how people can search you online.


What is Entropy Search Engine?


You might have known about search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), Business-to-Business (B2B) approaches, and many other tactics that are effective in keeping your rank high in the search engine, but you might haven’t know about the Entropy Search yet. Well, this tool plays a similar job; however, it is in the form of a search engine. It is a tool that you can actually add in your site and let’s web surfers be able to search you easily because of avant-garde features designed to it. Especially if your website is large, and you put lots of informative contents in it; it is best to use entropy search to offer readers easy access. This tool can search all files including those that end in .txt, .html, shtml, and .htm without indexing php files and other content in your site’s database.


How to setup an entropy search engine


Creating an entropy search engine is of two ways—one requires you to write script, and the other only needs copy+pasting html codes. So if you don’t know anything about scripting; don’t worry. We have here the simplest method on how to setup the tool without the need of it. Follow these simple steps below to effectively setup and use this tool:


Creating entropy search by copy+pasting HTML codes


  1. Login to your cPanel account and go to control panel. Example:
  2. Go to CGI Center and look for the Entropy Search heading.
  3. Click on the “Setup Search Engine” and then look for Edit Search Results Template. Click and to show the HTML code needed to modify your website’s search settings.
  4. Choose a template that you think will suit your website and then copy and paste the code of template to change your site’s appearance. Note: Do not delete the >tag in order to ensure that the script will work. The script or HTML code should look similar to this:


     <form action=”/cgi-sys/entropysearch.cgi” target=searchwindow>

    Search Query <input type=”text” name=”query” value=””>

    ><input type=”hidden” name=”user” value=”USERNAME”>

    <input type=”hidden” name=”basehref” value=””>

    <input type=”hidden” name=”template” value=”default”>

    <input type=”submit” value=”Search”>



  1. Click the Save button.
  2. To test if you the script is working, look for Search Query field and then type in a keyword that matches your niche or website. Click the Search button.
  3. Once found that it’s 100% working, upload the HTML page and that’s pretty much it.

With entropy search engine, you are practically hitting two birds with one stone as you can edit the appearance of the SERPs and helps you rebuild your site’s search index.