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4/07/2014 – LiteSpeed’s Performance Scalability Working for Your Business

Posted by Jamison on 07 04 2014.

LiteSpeed is a prime web server solution that highlights benefits for website owners who chose to work with shared server or VPS providers. It is one of the supported add ons with cPanel and improves servers’ performance.


Performance scalability that benefits businesses


LiteSpeed built its products by promoting utmost performance that boosts scalability. Business owners look for solutions with this feature to ensure they are setting a long-term investment instead of spending money on something that won’t last long.


LiteSpeed ensures scalability with the following features that you would like to experience in your business.


  • Event-driven architecture. Design architecture distinguishes LiteSpeed from similar companies because of its event-driven, Apache-based architecture. This remarkable solution is crucial for clients because of its ability to control resources used in a server. With few processes, users will experience faster performance as it leaves minimal print on the memory, allowing more connections that benefit website owners. Despite its ability to improve performance, users are saved from upgrading their hardware.


  • Web application buffering. LiteSpeed assign dynamic content requests to web application processes externally instead running a local process version. Aside from assigning the process to an external location and communicate with the server instead. With its buffering feature, LiteSpeed controls one request after another, ensuring smooth performance when it comes to traffic.


  • Sendfile(). CPU is utilized significantly when it serves large static files and operations in the system. Nevertheless, LiteSpeed lightens the entire process with Sendfile(). It is a “zero copy” feature that reduces CPU utilization and resources to guarantee superb performance within the server.


  • High-performance static/dynamic content. LiteSpeed gives way to more efficient static and dynamic content handling. As mentioned earlier, its event-driven architecture handles static content requests exceptionally. As for the dynamic contents, LiteSpeed offers its exclusive server API called LSAPI. LSAPI has been optimized to make sure dynamic content are handled efficiently compared to other APIs, PHP and Ruby. Around more than 50% of performance assures server users boosted performance.


  • .htaccess caching. The .htaccess file is crucial for every website and server. However, utilizing it with Apache reduces server performance significantly because it requires constant checking in directories where these files are located. Fortunately, LiteSpeed aids in solving performance issues by offering .htaccess caching.


  • SSL acceleration. SSL is vital for many business websites to promote site security, thus offering https access on websites. The problem is https loads slower compared to regular webpage access. LiteSpeed offers this feature to boost faster loading for https pages. This feature is better compared to using Apache in doing this job.


Utilizing LiteSpeed


LiteSpeed Web Server is very easy and compatible with cPanel & WHM. Its licenses are available from distributors. Setting it up is easy as well as utilizing its features for your web operations.


Take advantage of LiteSpeed’s performance is something great to invest for your website and server. It is simple to order this feature by obtaining licenses from reliable distributors or partners. Let it run in your server to experience the performance you’ve been looking for.


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