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4/04/2014 – Indicators That Tell You to Migrate to cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 04 04 2014.

cPanel receives hundreds to thousands of migrating users on a regular basis. These users tried other control panels, but ended up being dissatisfied by their performance and looked for other solutions that will be more helpful for them. With cPanel, they found the control panel that made website and server processes simpler than before.


For many individuals, their primary question is what prompted these users to leave their old control panels and move to the undoubtedly better system? Are their some sort of indicators that helped them in making this decision? Several indicators are helpful in knowing whether it’s time to move forward and you can use them if you’re using other control panels.


Being left behind in the automation platform


People are now in the modern age where automation is the heart and soul of every web and server process. Automation saves time while accurately executing processes. This promotes efficiency in maintaining servers and websites because users need to allot their time on procedures that actually require their attention. Leaving some tasks to the system will certainly let them use their time accordingly, leading to boosting profitability for the business or the website.


Limited functionality offered for clients


Host providers also offer control panels as part of their packages. Their clients also give feedbacks about their services including the control panel. Some of their feedbacks may indicate limited functionality and features, which makes server procedures more challenging or less efficient. Host providers that are sensitive to these feedbacks want their clients to experience the benefits of cPanel to improve their server and web processes to the best.


cPanel has all the necessary components needed by every online professionals in managing websites or maintaining servers. Users can maximize the features’ functionality and take advantage of them to boost profit.


Eliminating legacy software and hardware


Many individuals want to deal with legacy software and hardware once and for all in their systems. Legacy systems are outdated systems and the future is already dependent on the internet and servers. These systems may not seem directly harmful for the business, but they require special solutions to be fully functional. The problem is that every penny spent in maintaining these legacy systems means a penny taken away from other more useful investments.


cPanel, on the other hand, has all updated systems that eliminate the need for legacy systems, saving users money in maintaining their systems.


Reputation-damaging churn rates


Churn rates damage a data center or host provider’s reputation. Clients that come and go from a service provider stir quite a lot of questions for future customers. They will start to question a company’s services and why they can’t keep clients working with them for a long time. cPanel has the features that lowers churn rate significantly, ultimately fixing reputation for a company.


If you experience one of these indicators, you can say that it’s time for you to migrate to cPanel. Take note that using cPanel is an investment that will bring your business up in the game to compete with other entrepreneurs in the online world.