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4/03/2014 – Horde Groupware Webmail 5.1

Posted by Jamison on 03 04 2014.

Experienced online entrepreneurs can’t emphasize the importance of email enough to those starting in the field. It is the main communication mean between the business and potential customers looking for products or solutions online.


To promote email’s benefit for your business, it calls for a good webmail platform to use for your website. Good means possessing remarkable features on top of being easy to use. cPanel introduces the new and improved Horde Groupware Webmail 5.1 edition.


A giant leap for Horde


Horde indeed made a great leap from its 1.2 version now that it’s available in 5.1 edition. The version numbers alone are indicative of a huge step, not only for cPanel and the webmail service, but also for every website owner looking forward to use their emails in reaching out to their clients. cPanel developers include the new Horde webmail’s features together with the brand new cPanel &WHM version available for control panel users.


Notable features that users will love


With major changes come more remarkable features that elevate 5.1 edition’s value for cPanel users. The new Horde comes with the following features that you will like.


  • Interface compatibility. Utilizing the webmail on regular web browser or mobile devices is simple and with enhanced compatibility that many users look for. People are now in the mobile device age that it requires even cPanel features to be accessible through portable devices.
  • Easily customizable web interface. Horde bundled with cPanel comes with extensive module collection that made it possible for users to customize its interface. Customizations enhance user experience for webmail users.
  • Mail filtering. Organize your received mail and take advantage of enhanced mail filtering features that will keep your inboxes from spam mails.
  • Integrated calendar and scheduler. Never miss any schedule with the integrated calendar system and reminders to keep you up to speed with your appointments.
  • Revolutionary task list system. Similarly with the calendar, never miss any of your task with the task list system that comes with the webmail. No need to have a separate organizer or write a to-do list related to emails as you can use the system right within the webmail.
  • Threaded conversations. See email exchanges between you and recipient without problems with the threaded conversations as the developers designed the new platform.


Upgrading is very simple


Upgrading is very simple. Back up the system and update your current Horde 1.2 to 5.1 edition. MySQL database will also be backed up and accessible to specific directories. However, be reminded that the system may be backed up, but it’s not a guarantee that you won’t lose possible configurations set before.


Customizable feature


As mentioned earlier, customization is possible by applying chosen modules and enhance your webmail experience. Take note of your needed customizations and apply theme accordingly.


The new Horde 5.1 Edition has all the available features that you’ll find useful. It’s available with the new cPanel and will change your webmail experience forever. cPanel developers once again kept users in mind by including this update that will make webmail use more efficient and beneficial for everyone.