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4/02/2015 – How to Configure, Enable, and Disable SpamAssassin

Posted by Jamison on 02 04 2015.

Receiving spam mails can be downright irritating, especially if you get hundreds and thousands of spams every day. There was even an instance where a big and famous website receive 1.8 million spam messages per day and they were forced to bring this case to the court in order to stop the abuse. It’s no doubt that spam mails are annoying; however, there could also be mails that were tagged as spam that are not really spam. So how do you deal with this problem and do away with the hassle? Apache SpamAssassin could be your best buddy in this biting situation.


What is Apache SpamAssassin?


This is a tool that assess any incoming messaging to your email and examines its characteristics—whether it’s a spam or not. It supports Bayesian filtering approach to screen out messages and alert you to discard or open the messages before they could inject any form of attacks in your system. Aside from this, it also uses avant-garde technologies in order to identify spams such as DNS blocklists, header and text analysis, and collaborative filtering database. In this way, before it could even enter your mailbox or you could open the message, the tool has already warned you or discarded the message for you.


How to Enable and Disable SpamAssassin


If you want to use or remove SpamAssassin, you need learn these guidelines below. Let’s start with enabling SpamAssassin:


  1. Login to your cPanel account.
  2. Go to Mail area and click on the SpamAssassin button. This will open a task box wherein you can enable, disable, and configure the program. Inside the box, you will read that the program is still disabled. To enable, click the Enable SpamAssassin button; and that’s it. The tool will start working as soon as it is enabled.


Now if you no longer want to use this tool, you can always disable it anytime. Just go to SpamAssassin in the Mail section and click on the Disable Spam Box. It’s that easy. In this way, you will get every email than it is attempting to enter your mailbox; however, this will open your system to threats and attacks in the form of email.


How to Configure SpamAssassin


Learning how to configure this tool will help you filter mails that you need or not. In the configuration area, you will see three sections wherein the tool can place incoming messages—Blacklist  Scores, and Whitelist.


All the addresses that you want to be blacklisted but recognized as non-spam will go to Blacklist. For Whitelist, any address that you wish to be whitelisted and tagged as spam will go here. And lastly, as for the Scores section, this will allow you score a particular address and assess it if it qualifies for Blacklist or Whitelist.


To configure SpamAssassin, follow these steps below:


  1. Go to SpamAssassin in your Mail area and look for the Configure Assassin button. Click it to redirect to the configuration task box.
  2. Enter a number that you want the tool to score a particular address. By default, this area is set to 5. Read and understand the direction at the top most part of this section in order to know how to put the appropriate score. Once you are satisfied with the score, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.