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4/02/2014 – Fast Update Service Through cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 02 04 2014.

Updates are crucial for any system. They deliver new features and functionalities that make a certain program more beneficial for users. As for cPanel, it extends Fast Update Service, which is a solution that gives clients an advantage in their chosen niches.


Fast Update Service is a useful solution for you. Learn more about its offers and what it can do for your business through the following details.


What is Fast Update Service?


Fast Update Service is an exclusive service offered by official cPanel Partner NOCs and distributors. This service is extended for clients as well as for data centers wishing to be an official cPanel Partner.


How it works?


This service is utilizing a local mirror for cPanel deployment instead of the traditional network connection. cPanel establishes numerous high performing servers, which will handle faster server performance at all times. To make sure these servers are running perfectly, site facilitators ensure that the hardware runs perfectly by monitoring network connectivity and power. cPanel administrators control maintenance by accessing the hardware remotely. All of the individuals using cPanel will make sure users will have high performing control panel that supports their server and website operations.

Benefits for everyone


Fast Update Service offers a great deal of benefits that everyone will find useful, particularly if they are competing in the business industry. Benefits include the following:


  • Bandwidth cost reduction. Bandwidth is perhaps the most consumable server essential due to the number of data files transferred from servers to users. Once the entire bandwidth limit has been consumed, users will then utilize additional bandwidth, which will add up to the entire plan’s expenses.


  • Faster update installation. This service is not called fast for nothing. Individuals needing updates installed may slow the system down. Nevertheless, this system guarantees faster update installation, boosting it by up to 400% than the usual. It is a crucial advantage that cPanel users will find as a great tool for their success.


  • Efficient distribution system across the globe. cPanel users are found across the globe. All of them maintaining their own websites and servers. Efficient distribution of the high-end servers guarantee enhanced performance across 50 countries across the globe. You can be confident that you’ll get this update service for your cPanel without problems, regardless of your location.


  • Minimized interruptions for clients. Service interruption occurs from time to time and cPanel Partners’ clients suffer the consequences. However, this solution makes it possible to minimize interruptions to keep clients’ from experiencing problems in using the system. Through this solution, clients will find themselves maximizing cPanel’s performance and securing continuous server operations. Clients satisfied with Partners’ services ensure low churn rate and maintain long-term customers who will renew their contracts.


Fast Update Servers are great investments for cPanel Partners. Even those hosting companies and data centers can become new cPanel Partners to give this service to their own clients. This is a value-added service that will benefit Partners and their clients to compete effectively in the business world, which is a cut throat industry nowadays with all the competitors.