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4/01/2014 – When is the Right Time to Migrate?

Posted by Jamison on 01 04 2014.

Starting entrepreneurs invest on shared or virtual private servers considering their budget and needs. Nevertheless, time will come when they need to migrate to dedicated servers and experience their high-end solutions.


Shopping for dedicated servers make people hesitate due to their prices. Dedicated servers are costly and web owners don’t think that they need it. Several indications, however, can be helpful in deciding that it’s time for migration. Take note of the following indications to make sure you can maximize its benefits for you.


Maintaining a lot of websites for large companies


Companies start from humble beginnings. Nevertheless, time will come when they expand to large corporations with more websites to maintain and larger network to manage. This peak of expansion is a good sign that a dedicated server will be more beneficial.


However, gauge whether you actually need a dedicated server. Shared hosting plans are upgradable and will work for specific companies that are undergoing expansion instead of immediately jumping to going for a dedicated server. Companies that passed their small-medium business level may upgrade to a dedicated server.


Large businesses don’t only maintain numerous websites, a dedicated server will also work for companies with an increased number of employees. More employees mean more files to store and email accounts to use for communication purposes. Dedicated servers will certainly work for these companies and ensure efficient operations.


Extremely high traffic


Companies, regardless of their types, are after online traffic. High traffic means more opportunity to close business deals or find clients. Maintaining numerous websites will require high bandwidth limits to make sure every visitor is accommodated on the pages they wish to visit. When traffic reached an extreme level, a dedicated server that has high bandwidth limit is going to work effectively.


Apart from bandwidth, a dedicated server performs well that it can withstand the amount of traffic brought by thousands visitors simultaneously. A high performing server means lesser downtime and guaranteed performance.


Network expansion


As mentioned earlier, an expanding company has increased number of employees. These employees need server access for specific tasks. A company with thousands of employees will benefit from these servers because of its space and performance.


More confidential files to protect


Dedicated servers have high security level that can protect every confidential file stored in a company. Growing companies save numerous files that require safekeeping for the company’s confidentiality. These servers will protect these files as well as the company.


Paying extreme overages


It may not seem like it, but host providers apply overage charges on services used beyond their limits. Overage often applies on bandwidth. When the amount of overages almost make you spend more than your actual hosting plan, it may be best to start using a dedicated server. Over charges are more expensive because rates are often per kilobyte or megabyte transferred. It will be better to choose a dedicated server than pay these extra charges.


Take note of these indicators that it’s time to migrate to dedicated servers. Consider the amount you’re paying and the number of individuals that need the server to ensure you’re making the right decision and get the value for your money.