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3/31/2014 – Dedicated Servers and Limitations

Posted by Jamison on 31 03 2014.

Dedicated servers are undoubtedly expensive, which is the main reason why starting business owners can’t get this server type yet. They don’t need as much resources yet, while the amount is beyond their budget.


Obtaining a dedicated server can be considered can be a sign of a company’s advancement to the highest possible level. For some server clients, they regard a dedicated server as something they can use freely. Considering the amount of money paid monthly, dedicated server users think that they are free to do what they want on the server and build any website that they want. The truth is that server users are still subjected to several limitations that should be noted down even before establishing a website or using the storage space.


If you’re interested about servers, you need to know the following limitations server companies often apply on these solutions.


IRC services are not allowed


Internet Relay Chat or IRC was in its heyday years back and a lot of individuals utilize it for chatting. If you’re not aware of IRC, it is like a regular chatting platform, but it is presented in text form or look like command prompt. While it may not look like harmful, many dedicated server providers don’t allow IRC-related services like clients, bots and daemons. Rogue IRC users can trigger Distributed Denial-of-Service or (DDoS) attacks. In this case, multiple systems glut the targeted server’s bandwidth or resources. Once flooded, the server will deny new connections because its traffic is compromised. Be sure not to entertain the platform because it will cause problems to the server and may cause contract termination if they indicated IRC usage specifically.


Adult content


Many individuals target adult content because of the number of people visit these sites. It also becomes a good source of income for people who have premium media for subscribers. However, be warned that most server providers don’t allow websites with adult content-related media or themes.


Two reasons arise why dedicated server companies impose this rule. First is the legal ramifications surrounding adult contents. Another reason is that the high traffic and amount of data interchanges in between the server and users’ web browsers. These interchanges consume a great deal of bandwidth, which is problematic for the server on top of probable overages for using more than allocated bandwidth.


Copyright violation


Copyrighted materials have been always a topic of discussion for many website and server users today. With the importance of complying with copyright laws, server providers include details about copyrighted material. They don’t want their subscribers to upload media that they don’t own to avoid issues on copyright. Not complying with these terms can result to voiding your contract with the server provider. It is best to follow these rules to keep you from having issues that may compromise your website.


Dedicated servers’ prices don’t mean that you’re freely to use it as you want. Take note that they are also come with different terms that you must know and keep your website operating at all times.