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3/28/2014 – Dedicated Servers: Get to Know the Processors

Posted by Jamison on 28 03 2014.

When it comes to choosing a server, customers often look at storage capacity before choosing a plan. This is also the case in choosing a dedicated server. Nevertheless, some individuals tend to forget the importance of processors in choosing this type of server.


Just like in computers, processors are also vital components to check in servers because of their contribution to its performance. Everything is not all about storage and a lot of future server owners tend to forget its significance in the entire server processes. If you’re shopping for a good dedicates server, take note of the following technicalities to consider to guarantee superb server performance at all times.


Processor architecture


Processors have their specific microarchitecture and they are often represented by specific codenames. Codenames vary depending on the manufacturer, which release them each time they manufacture new processors and present them to the market. For instance, Intel’s processor lineup includes Ivy Bridge, Sandy Bridge, and Haswell. In this list, Ivy Bridge is the one manufactured earlier and Haswell being the newer generation of processors.


In shopping for processors, be sure to check out their architecture according to their codenames if you’re not technically adept in their architecture. Check for the generation releases and use the information as a vital component in making your shopping decision.


Processor speed


Most individuals, particularly those who are not adept in computers and construction, often think that storage and memory capacity alone contribute to its overall performance. The truth is that processors serve as backbone of computers, which imply that high storage capacity and RAM won’t be maximized without matching it a compatible or high performance processor.


Choose a processor with high speed capacity to ensure the performance you deserve for having a dedicated server.


Number of cores


Earlier processor manufacturing present single core processors as the revolutionary solutions for computers and servers. Core is another term that refers to central processing unit. New technology, however, makes it possible for processor manufacturers to deliver multi-core processors. Instead of having a single core, they now have dual or quad core features, which mean having a two or four CPUs working together. It is also indicative that the processor works faster than the single core ones. This is a beneficial solution for your server if you’re managing a high capacity server to support your network and web processes.


Shopping for server processors


Now that you know the features to check on a processor, you can be confident that shopping is easy as dedicated server providers indicate this feature on their website. They know that consumers are after this information as well and guarantee that it will be easy for everyone to look at their offers. They indicate every detail from architecture, core number, speed capacity, and others for their clients’ information.


Processors are crucial part of a server and if you’re getting this expensive investment, you must know its every detail to assure great performance. Shop for these processors together with essential server features to make it a great part of your website and network.