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3/27/2014 – Dedicated Server Packages: Are They Complete Services?

Posted by Jamison on 27 03 2014.

Dedicated servers are undoubtedly famous in the online world. A lot of website and business owners dream of using a dedicated server although they find it impossible for the moment because of their prices. Nevertheless, many of them still wish to try it in the long run.


One of the reasons why they want to experience this server type is its complete services and features. However, it is still a question whether their services are indeed complete or not. The truth is that a dedicated server may have complete services, but there are still other features that are missing or you can obtain as add on.


What makes them seem complete?


Several factors raise dedicated servers’ appeal as complete server solutions for website owners. First is their prices. If you shopped for this server type before, you may have noticed that they are four times expensive than shared or virtual private services. In some cases, even more depending on the plan provider. This amount is probably enough to leave an impression of being complete.


Another feature that boost dedicated servers’ image is its essentials. Essentials like storage space, memory capacity, processor, control panel, and operating system can be indicators of its all-in-one package.


If it’s your first time to check this service, you’ll notice that this server is not as complete as you think it is.


Hints of incomplete services


This server type is available in managed and unmanaged services. Both, however, show hints of possible incomplete services. A common sign is the availability of add ons for dedicated servers. Add ons include backup system, security software, firewalls and a lot more. Therefore, you’re not really complete feature for the price you’re paying. What you’ll get is the basic features like the essentials. The rest of the services are something you must add yourself or after considering experts’ recommendations.


Of course, add ons mean extra fees on your end. Additional features mean additional functionality or security, which only call for more fees. Nevertheless, you will find other dedicated server providers that offer add ons at no cost. They are value-added services that you’ll find beneficial. Server providers may offer these add ons for free because they don’t know whether clients want their bundled services or not. Some clients have their preferred programs that server companies don’t offer. This draws them to offering programs for free as add ons.


Receiving the services that you need


Configuring add ons is simple. Upon choosing your preferred plan, there’s a configure option where you can include these add ons with your server. Add all the services that you need and then check out to pay for the server plan.


As you configure your plan, take note of the prices offered for the add ons. Some service providers may offer monthly or yearly fees for the add on. Consider the best options that will save you money.


Dedicated servers are still incomplete unless their plan details indicate so. Be sure to check the plan before settling for an option to be guaranteed superb services that you need for your company.