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3/26/2014 – Data Centers cPanel Deployment Features

Posted by Jamison on 26 03 2014.

Data centers can take advantage of numerous features that raise their popularity in the market. Fortunately, cPanel is always there to boost their market competitiveness by providing top caliber services than expected. Through efficient server deployment, data centers can be on top of their game in meeting their clients’ expectations.


Automation is the key


Modern technology now highlights the importance for today’s server users. Data centers experience utmost benefits from this feature because they can deploy more servers simultaneously. Aside from servers, they can also deploy cPanel & WHM with ease.


Aside from convenience, automation is also an integral component in promoting efficiency within companies. Being able to focus on specific jobs that require most attention will accomplish specific tasks faster as another system is handling processes that can work on its own.


cPanel deployment


Deploying cPanel is as easy as utilizing an installation script. A single command will work with your server’s system and get it ready for the automation process. This command also becomes a portal where you can configure the system and set a fully automated and functional web hosting solution. This is where a hosting plan gives a big impact for clients.


Traditional installation script is ideal if you’re planning to deploy a single server at a time. However, cPanel developers came up with different deployment methods that you will find useful. They are new technology that promote advantages for host providers that need mass server deployment. Various improvements have been added to guarantee they will work effectively for users’ benefits.


Image based deployment


Setting configuration is easy by creating snapshots in preparation for the server prior to deployment. Virtualization apps like VMWare, OnApp and others that can set up images of based configuration and they will be deployed immediately. After deploying these snapshots, configurations can be set up for the new server. It is a beneficial tool that data centers will find beneficial because of all the servers they use.




While image based deployment works best, cPanel promoted another way of boosting efficiency for mass server deployment. Kickstart is a good option for data center managers who want to deploy the same configuration to their servers after installation. In this procedure, managers can tweak cPanel configurations using Tweak settings and deploy after preparing the setting with EasyApp profiles. Finally, the users can install the third party software that will benefit everyone.


Better ROI


Companies will find server deployment a remarkable solution in boosting return of investments for the business. The more server they can deploy at a time plus preventing potential inconsistencies during deployment makes the entire process more efficient.


Another benefits in trying out cPanel’s deployment option is the fact that it is very simple to do. Documentations that serve as guide are available, allowing every data center to take advantage of cPanel’s remarkable deployment capacity.


Server and cPanel deployment is vital for every data center. Its benefits extend from the main host to their own clients’ customers. Cutting down all the data make the entire process simpler and ensure effectiveness in the long run.