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3/25/2014 – cPanel Introduces Paper Lantern

Posted by Jamison on 25 03 2014.

Themes and user interfaces are all important for many program users. With its importance, cPanel feels that it’s the high time to don a new look. Therefore, leading to the introduction of Paper Lantern.


What is Paper Lantern?


Paper Lantern is the freshest theme to come with cPanel & WHM 11.42. It is undeniable that many program users today are enamored with the app icons presented across the net. cPanel redesigned the icons to give them a fresh look that is not only appealing to the eyes, but also with utmost elegance that users will love to access regularly.


Coming on terms with other programs


This move by cPanel users have a point considering the changes that occurred in today’s program development. Every new program now has updated versions on their icons as well as overall interfaces. Take Microsoft Office 2013 for example. Office 2007 and 2010 have the similar look, but as the company introduces Windows 8 and promoting changes on their logos, its developers also presented the 2013 version with a fresh look.


Utilizing the new icon is like a new beginning for the control panel as it introduces the new and improved 11.42 version. It has promising features that modern website owners and related entities would love to use for their online operations.


New technology integrated


According to cPanel developers, they adopted Twitter Bootstrap 3 as the foundation or core UI kit, which is widely utilized by a lot of web program experts use today. Integrating this bootstrap enabled cPanel developers to breathe a new appeal to their icons. From here forward, the company decided to apply this technology to their future developments, which will also lead to other developers in using this technology for their own projects.


Straightforward theme


Most cPanel users are into business. Hence, they want to have a straightforward system that is efficient to use for their online processes and operations. To promote these features, cPanel developers stripped out unnecessary buttons or bars from the theme. Users will gain immediate access to their needed icons or programs without the need to look for these unneeded theme elements. All icons are lined to a clean and organized grid, ensuring you can run the platform that you want.


Try it out for yourself


You’re probably curious as to how Paper Lantern looks like. The good news is that you can see the theme for yourself by visiting the live demo offered through cPanel’s website. You can access Paper Lantern by viewing the cPanel & WHM 11.42 live demonstration, which can direct you to the page that will let you try the new theme.


Be a part of the project


As the new them is undergoing heavy development, cPanel developers encourage users to send feedback at about their experience or post user experience at found in the forum.


Paper Lantern is perhaps a great move for cPanel users in addressing the need for new and improved theme. Check Paper Lantern and find out what it offers yourself through demonstrations and documentations posted on cPanel’s website.