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3/25/2013 – How to Choose a cPanel Addon

Posted by Jamison on 25 03 2013.

cPanel is perhaps the most powerful tool you can get for server management. But aside from its actual feature, you can also boost its efficiency by using various add-ons that you will find useful for your own website or for your clients.


Add-ons come in various types. Some are meant for easy and efficient installation while others are designed for building a website. Regardless of the type of add-ons that you will get, you need to know what important details to consider and help you get the best add-ons. Here are some vital details that you must look for as you shop online.


Available versions


Programs like add-ons are available in different versions. Various versions come with updates that can be of use for its users. Updates are also employed for fixing common problems experienced with its earlier releases. Developers would know about these problems as users would report them to its experts. If similar problems occur to majority of its users, they will release versions and updates that solve the issues that promote ease of use and benefits for users.


Usually, new versions include the new updates for those who will download these add-ons. They will get the best solutions this solution can offer.




Stability is a crucial factor for any program. Developers must ensure that their add-ons will be of great use to their clients. One of the things they do not want to happen is to use a certain add-on and crash in the process. This affects efficiency and even result to wasting precious time for its users.


As you look online, you must look for cPanel add ons that gained utmost positive feedback from its users when it comes to stability. Usually, high-rated add-ons are among the most stable options anyone would get online.




Support is also important as it serves as aids for users when it comes to fixes as well as other information that helps people when it comes to using these add-ons. While some add-ons are similar with each other, they have different commands and operations that users must know. Guides are available as well as trouble ticket notifications are available on these support sites for every user to visit.


Language support


By default, add-ons are available with English as its language, making them generally available for customers across the globe. However, some users prefer add-ons that can be used using their native languages. Several add-ons can detect languages used by users based on their location and display them for users’ convenience. Others can be set up manually but they work just the same for users.




Every consumer is concerned about the price. A lot of individuals tend to choose cheap but unreliable add-ons, making it a worst investment for businesses. Do not always go for cheap but look for high-rated and known reliable add-ons, particularly if you are after for business investments. The good thing is you will find numerous add-ons that are affordable yet deliver quality performance at all times.


Be guided accordingly in choosing add-ons through these details. Check them online and you will find the best add ons that you require based on your website, which benefits your business in the process.


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