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3/24/2014 – cPanel & WHM Service Distribution

Posted by Jamison on 24 03 2014.

cPanel’s features highlight scalability, making it an ideal solution for every individual wanting to be a part of the online world. System administrators, data centers, resellers and a lot more will experience their features towards being successful in the field.


Who benefits from the service distribution feature?


cPanel benefits everyone working in the field. It is designed with simple structure that makes it very simple to understand for individuals even if they are not as adept to network setup and websites. Many individuals establishing their businesses built a website for the first time and they want to try cPanel on their own. Fortunately, the control panel’s entire build makes control and configuration possible even for new users.


As for most technical users, cPanel offers a long list of technical documentations that can be used by experts. Technical documentations include app details, build, change logs, commands and many more. Users simply need to check these resources to aid in deciding about their needed configurations or other apps to install.


Distribution technology


cPanel is designed by professionals, which means they integrated new technology that makes it work well for users. Two distribution options include cPanel DNSOnly and Remote MySQL Server. Both technology has its features that will work effectively for everyone.


cPanel DNSOnly


This platform utilizes a dedicated nameserver. This will link to other servers through DNS Clustering feature that come with WHM. By utilizing this feature, DNS information obtained from any webserver can be changes. Once changes have been generated, they will be saved as automatic update on the nameserver.


cPanel users can run to their nameserver software, particularly if they know how to operate this type of program. However, cPanel DNSOnly will keep users from running this type of program, allowing automation that benefits its users. Most users who don’t have any idea what a nameserver is may leave this behind despite its importance for them.


Remote MySQL Server


Some technical individuals want to prevent the instance of running MySQL locally. They want to allot their resources for specific processes and not for MySQL. Through this solution, users can take advantage of MySQL running on remote servers and save a load of resources on their local procedures. MySQL can be set up on a remote server and then link it with WHM. Once it’s linked, it will run the database program and support processes that require the database.


Continuous improvement


As of now, these features are currently available for cPanel users. However, it doesn’t mean that the company won’t continue to improve these services. cPanel received fame from countless professionals in the online industry, giving credit for its commitment in improving its services. It won’t be long for the company to come up with more superb solutions that promote its control panel and web services’ functions.


Service distribution is a beneficial solution extended for every cPanel user. Whether high-profile user or simple website owner, this feature will make the entire server procedures more efficient, particularly in setting resources. Add these features with cPanel’s easy-to-use build to boost your server procedures’ advantage.