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3/23/2015 – Why Does My Hard Drive Slow Down When I Use cPanel?

Posted by Jamison on 23 03 2015.

Make no mistake, cPanel can take up a lot of space and requires a high shares of processing power to function. Old rigs or outdated systems can be unable to keep up with the newest updates so don’t be surprised if you find that your PC starts to slow down after a new update or two from cPanel.


How do you know that cPanel is slowing your PC down?


Here are some things that you may notice while cPanel is open that can indicate that it is responsible for slowing down your hard drive:


  • The interface takes a while to load.
  • Exploring your files takes too long.
  • File icons and names take a while to index.
  • Your other programs and applications slow down or quit responding while you have cPanel on.


But before you think about changing your hardware and investing in new IT systems, cPanel itself may offer some quick fixes and is the main reason why your hard drive slows down. Here’s how to find out which application or part is using up the mot space on your hard drive:


Checking disk space through Shell


You can check your disk space usage through the Shell Command line by typing the following command in your shell client.


df -h

You will get a similar to the following output.

root@vps#### [~]# df  -h

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

/dev/vzfs              39G   38G  858M  98% /

none                  512M  4.0K  512M   1% /dev


This Output shows that out of the 39 gigs of total disk space, 38 gigs are used with 858mb of space left over. This leaves the server at 98% disk space. This is enough to cause cPanel login failures, FTP file upload errors, and slow website issues. At this point you will need to remove some of the files from the server to bring the server back to normal operation.


Using WHM to check


If you are not familiar with using command line, you can look at your disk space usage through the WHM. The WHM will show you the accounts with the highest usage. For more information on checking your Disk space through WHM, see our article on How to Monitor Disk Space and Bandwidth Usage in WHM. Unfortunately, you cannot remove files through the WHM, you will need to access the cPanel File Manager for the account that has the large disk space usage and remove the files / folder through File manager.


To fix the problems, the cPanel official development team has this solution for you in their documentation archives. To address this issue, make sure that you have Direct Memory Access (DMA) enabled on your drives:


  • To enable DMA for a hard drive, run the hdparm -d1 /dev/hda command.
  • To disable DMA for a hard drive, run the hdparm -d0 /dev/hda command.
  • To measure transfer rate of a hard drive, run the hdparm -Tt /dev/hda command.
  • To see what options are enabled for a hard drive, run the hdparm /dev/hda command.
  • To see more info on your drive, run the hdparm -i /dev/hda command.