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3/22/2013 – Fixing Expired cPanel Licenses

Posted by Jamison on 22 03 2013.

cPanel becomes a useful tool for individuals who have been thinking of building their own website using their own servers either for business or for other uses. However, being able to use its functions for server management requires owners to own a license.


cPanel licenses are important as they serve as gateway in accessing servers or websites. Some customers report that they cannot access a website due to expired licenses, which is detrimental for business owners. It doesn’t only affect a business’ revenue but also leaves a negative impression online. Since not all individuals know about license inconsistencies, they may think that the company is not paying some dues, which prevent access in the process.


When you experience this problem when using your cPanel and WHM, you may want to know various workarounds in fixing this problem.


Why do licenses show expired status?


Before fixing this problem, it’s essential to know first why this problem occurs and understand why these fixes can solve the problem. Common causes of expired licenses include the following:


  • An actual expired license
  • Server hostname not having the right domain name
  • Possible down licensing server
  • Updating cPanel versions
  • Firewall affecting the connections to the licensing server


Workarounds for expired cPanel versions


Verify license status


You may have overlooked that your license is actually expired. To verify, log on to and type in your name public IP address of a server that you want to check. This will let you know if the license is expired or not.


Running specific commands


Run lynx –dump as the root on the server where you expect the IP address that you need.


Another command to run is /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt. Run this as the server root. Be sure to be logged on SSH before using this command. When this command is running, it will show a notice about internal cPanel information update. Once done, try to login again and see if you’ll have the same problem.


Firewall configuration


An improperly set up firewall, even in a regular network connection setting, can prevent online access to different websites. This is also the same when it comes to a license. It is important to set the outgoing protocols to be open to access the licensing server. With proper exchange of data, it will also allow proper connection and show the availability of an active license. After changing the configuration, it is time to check it again by running the cpkeyclt command.


Call support


If all these procedures were conducted but still show negative results, it would be the best time to call experts to solve the problem. They can create a trouble ticket to flag the problem for immediate fix. They can fix the issue for you and keep your cPanel functioning without issues.


Problems on cPanel licenses can be quite problematic but the good news is there are several ways for you to work around and solve it. If everything else fails, a cPanel expert or your service provider can help fix the issue for you.