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3/20/2014 – cPanel & WHM: Defining Churn and How It Affects Data Centers

Posted by Jamison on 20 03 2014.

Data centers need to provide top quality services for their clients to ensure they will remain doing business with them. For these service providers, they want to avoid high churn rate, ultimately resulting to using the best solutions that help them attain their goals. One of these solutions is cPanel.


Churning is avoidable with the right services that give value for their money. Get a better understanding about churning and see how cPanel enters the picture.


Churn definition


Churn or churning is where clients won’t renew their contracts with the data center after they lapsed. It means that they want to do away with the company and bring their business elsewhere. Most of the time, services and support are the main reasons why clients leave their current data centers. They are probably fed up with the services that didn’t meet their expectations and just waited for the contract to end. Leaving the contract is impossible earlier than its stated date because it means breaching and will result to cancellation fees or fines.


Data center professionals take note of the churn rate within the company. Churn rate is calculating the percentage of clients leaving the company using a special formula including the total number of current clients and the newly closed deals. They want to lower this percentage as much as possible.


How churn affects a data center?


Many individuals ask why data centers are too concerned about churn rates. Their mindset is that even if they lose some clients, they can still close deals with new clients. However, a very high churn rate will affect a data center’s credibility. Potential clients will ask why they don’t have long-term clients. Why do clients leave right after their contracts ended? By asking these questions, future clients will jump into conclusions that the company is not providing top caliber services that their customers deserve. Seeing this can keep potential clients from working with the company.


Data centers can take advantage of cPanel in extending top quality services to lower churn rate.


How cPanel can help?


cPanel is a wonderful control panel to distribute by data centers to their customers. It possesses the best features necessary in providing superb services at all times. Features include the following.


  • Regular updates. No need to worry about cPanel updates as its professionals continues to deliver updates on a regular basis, which is necessary for its smooth operation. cPanel professionals do this job and customers simply need to use the platform.


  • Experts backing up experts. Data centers have their own tech support experts. cPanel professionals, however, will always be around to support these in-house experts to deliver services that exceed clients’ expectations.


  • Educational resources are also available. Naturally, data centers want to learn more about cPanel and maximizing its features’ advantages. Educational resources are available to train data center staff, ultimately resulting to high caliber services.


Data centers want to lower churn rates to retain a reliable image. With cPanel, they are on their way to success by retaining their clients while getting more in the long run.