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3/19/2015 – Understanding PHP Modules and Plugins

Posted by Jamison on 19 03 2015.

PHP is a scripting language that websites often use for applications and content. EasyApache allows you to easily install and modify PHP for your server. When you install cPanel & WHM, the installation process automatically installs PHP with some common PHP options. For more information about the PHP scripting language, view the PHP development website.


How Apache handles PHP


By default, cPanel & WHM configures your Apache web server to use the suPHP handler to handle requests that it receives for PHP content. The PHP handler that you select affects the speed and security of your web server.


PHP versions


When the PHP development team makes a new version of PHP available, we test and then make the new version available in EasyApache.


Minor version number changes do not impact functionality, but major updates may require changes to your configuration. In many cases, the EasyApache software will make the necessary adjustments automatically. If you have a custom configuration then further manual adjustments may be necessary.


If the version of PHP that you wish to use is not available in EasyApache, you must either use a custom module to install the version that you wish to use, or use the PHP Selector feature of the CloudLinux™ operating system.


  • For more information about custom modules, read Custom Modules documentation.
  • For more information about the CloudLinux operating system, visit the CloudLinux website.


How to change your PHP version


To change the version of PHP on your server, select a version of PHP in the PHP Version stage of the EasyApache (Apache Update) interface (Home >> Software >> Easyapache (Apache Update)).


Modify PHP


There are several methods that allow you to modify your PHP configuration. For more information, read the following documentation:


  • PHP Options — A list of the available options in EasyApache that directly modify PHP.
  • PHP Handlers — The PHP handler that you select determines how Apache handles requests for PHP content.
  • Raw Opts — Use raw opts to modify the configuration options for your PHP build. Raw opts are lines of data that advanced users can add to a specific file on the server in order to customize the configuration of Apache or PHP builds. EasyApache allows you to specify any configure option supported by Apache and/or PHP.


PHP Security


It is strongly recommended that you run EasyApache frequently if you have PHP on your system. The PHP developers release PHP updates as frequently as every other week. If your server does not have the latest version of PHP, it may be vulnerable to internet attacks and the newest online threats.


PHP Loaders, or encoders


A PHP loader allows a PHP encoder application to work with your PHP scripts. A PHP encoder application encodes your PHP scripts so that others cannot access your code. The following options will install a PHP loader on your web server:


  • SourceGuardian Loader for PHP
  • IonCube Loader for PHP
  • Zend Guard Loader for PHP