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3/19/2014 – cPanel & WHM 11:42: Delightful Features for Today’s Website and Hosting Experts

Posted by Jamison on 19 03 2014.

Improvements are the heart of any successful program or platform. cPanel is among these programs that retained high status across the internet world for its continuous improvement, ultimately leading to resounding commendations from its users.


cPanel has once again proved its hallmark of developing high end platforms that everyone will find beneficial by delivering cPanel & WHM version 11.42. The promising platform comes with freshly enhanced features that make web and server management way easier. Some features are new while others are renewed to maximize efficiency. Famous features include the following.


Lighten up with Paper Lantern


cPanel refreshes its appeal by coming up with a new look through the Paper Lantern theme. It has been redesigned with new icon sets powered by Twitter Bootstrapper 3, which is the core of revolutionary icons for today’s developers. The restyled icon set plus organized theme will make application access easier. Developers scrapped unnecessary buttons and bars, coming up with simple yet elegantly designed dashboard.


Embed media tool


Embedding media content to websites have been a common practice for many website owners. They keep visitors engaged on the page. However, embedding is quite a challenge for some, but cPanel developers come up with the Embed media tool to make rich media content integration simpler. This tool also comes with the latest cPanel version and found under the File Manager’s HTML Editor. Through this tool, you can integrate videos, photos and audios as well as other online media platforms like Flickr and YouTube.


Specific Amazon S3 storage


Amazon S3 accounts can be backed up to a specific storage choice, which makes the procedure more organized. Find this option at the Backup Configuration located at WHM Home then Backup.


Horde Groupware Webmail 5.1 Edition


Horde webmail feature also undergone a great change from 1.2 to 5.1 edition, empowering it with a new and improved set of features that you’ll find beneficial. Features include email filtering, integrated calendar and reminders, task list, and many more.


Virtual mailman feature


Another feature included is a public/private switch setting for your mailing list. This adds security for your list as well as peace of mind for you. Find this feature under the Mailing List interface and set it up the way you want to.


MySQL 5.6 Upgrade


MySQL is crucial for every website. cPanel makes it even more powerful by including optimizing feature for general query performance. InnoDB has been fine-tuned for having high transactional throughput. Other improvements have also been added to make it more efficient.


Worry-free backups


Backups are meant for your peace of mind. cPanel experts want you to be free from worry by offering weekly backup option. This option is for you if you’re too busy to backup daily or too worried to backup monthly. Find this option and configure it in WHM’s Home >Backup >Backup Configuration.


Overall, cPanel & WHM version 11.42 is available to improve your website and server management simpler. Take advantage of its newly added features and see the future of web administration unravel right in front of your eyes.