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3/18/2014 – Attracta: A Comprehensive SEO Tool

Posted by Jamison on 18 03 2014.

Attracta SEO tool raises the bar in online SEO competition with its effectiveness. It is a simple tool that can be installed manually in cPanel. But what sets this SEO tool on top of similar programs is its experts’ other offers like comprehensive case studies offered for customers.


What most people don’t know about Attracta SEO is its offered campaigns for customers. For an additional charge, Attracta SEO professionals offer the TopListing program, which is composed of “Get on Top” and “Stay on Top” campaigns. “Get on Top” is conducting within the first 60 days in the program. The goal is to bring the website to the top SEO ranking. “Stay on Top” on the other hand is held after the first 60 days and keep the website at its current top position.


This service is highly comprehensive on various levels. Some of its features include the following:


Number of keywords


The campaigns come in three different plans that focus on different number of keywords related to the business. A website will be optimized on three keywords for the lowest plan and up to 12 for the Platinum service. Being able to target several keywords in a single campaign supercharge a business’ ranking.


Social media optimization


Social media is now an integral part of search engine optimization. Countless guides teach online entrepreneurs about social media integration and how they will work for users’ advantage. Through this plan, clients will have their Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other social media platforms optimized for search engines. Social media platforms are known as added links that aid in the optimization process. Taking advantage of these platforms are indeed useful for everyone looking for great spot on top of search engine results.


Aside from these platforms, Attracta SEO experts will also work on some YouTube videos, which are also crucial for boosting search engine rankings. It’s noticeable that YouTube videos usually appear first on search engine results, making it a viable platform for rankings.


Monthly content generation


Content generation is crucial in SEO, which is the primary reason why online entrepreneurs spend money and time in getting articles online. The problem is not every article is effective for this campaign. Attracta SEO, a set of experts that live and breathe search engine optimization, ensures effective 250-word contents for different platforms that aid in boosting SEO competitiveness for its clients.


Reputation management


Reputation management raises a company’s image online. By being able to maintain a good reputation, a business is ensured to get more clients than without doing this procedure. Attracta SEO experts also devote themselves in aiding companies in building a remarkable reputation across the internet. Reputation management is discussed with every client with the need to improve their images and drive in profit in the process.


Attracta SEO tool is indeed a comprehensive tool for this campaign. However, the brand also offers a well-maintain campaigns that are beneficial for clients. Take advantage of this tool as the beginning of your SEO journey with cPanel and use it for your business’ campaign.


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