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3/17/2014 – Apps or Plugins for Community Building

Posted by Jamison on 17 03 2014.

Online entrepreneurs can take advantage of numerous add ons that benefit their businesses. Common add ons chosen are for blogging, security, e-commerce, media and many more. Some entrepreneurs, however, forget that even platform for community building also boost their business’ profitable features.


A board dedicated for people


Community boards are also known as forums. They are platforms dedicated for individuals visiting a website. Apps or plugins designed for community building are easy to use and the forum will be available in no time.


People are the central focus of establishing a forum. It is a board meant for people and maintain by individuals working for the business or by the entrepreneurs themselves.


Why set up a community board or forum?


Many business owners are not aware of the benefits brought by setting up a forum. Its function goes beyond being a message board, but also a platform that will help connect visitors and the business. The following are the reasons why an entrepreneur must set up a message board.


  • A reason to encourage people to come back. Some individuals don’t only return to a website because of its offers or its contents. Most of them find forum boards as the best reasons to go back and visit the website again. Returning visitors are also beneficial for a website’s credibility.


  • A portal to assist people. Entrepreneurs can also make forums as a good platform in assisting their clients. For instance, some subscribers may have questions about the product and want their questions to be answered soon. They can post their questions on forums and then entrepreneurs can answer them directly.


  • Promote a virtual platform for discussions. Aside from entrepreneurs, members can interact with each other by discussing questions or by providing tips. Everyone is free to share their insights for specific topics that concern the business, solution or anything under the sun.


  • Site to promote links or websites. Benefits are not only directed to entrepreneurs. Members also receive a treat by promoting traffic or added links for their websites. They can promote their own solutions or services for other members to see. Naturally, link building using forums have been a target for spammers, which can be prevented by using spam detection solutions.


  • Establish entrepreneur-client relationship. Assisting clients is perhaps a good reason for building a forum. However, its underlying benefits include establishing a good relationship between the entrepreneur and customers. They will know that the individual behind the business is around to assist them and answer their questions, which raises a company’s reliability rating.


Setting up a forum


Building a forum is a breeze and can be completed within seconds by using auto installers. Auto installers are cPanel add ons that have all the needed plugins and install them easily according to what you need. You will find community board apps included in them and ready for installation.


Community boards are regarded as investment in increasing your business’ face value online. Choose the most reliable forum board apps and use it for your website with one-click installation offered by auto installers like Installatron, Softaculous and many more.