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3/15/2013 – Top 5 Hot cPanel Addons!

Posted by Jamison on 15 03 2013.

cPanel is a known server administration platform that helps people take advantage of easy website management. This allows them to manage different licenses and their own files with ease. But aside from the main platform, users will also benefit from using top add ons for cPanel.


If you are planning to use cPanel, here are the top five recommended cPanel add ons that you can use for more beneficial website and server management.


  1. RVSiteBuilder Pro


Setting a website does not end in getting a server. Servers only serve as storage for website files, so you still need to build up a page. However, building it is not that simple, particularly for beginners. RVSiteBuilder Pro is geared for starting web owners due to its easy to use platform but with advanced features that will help build a good website.


RVSiteBuilder Pro’s features include customizable template, WYSIWYG editor, multiple end-users, and a whole lot more. With its affordable prices, it would be possible for users to save money while considering it as an investment for their businesses.


  1. TrendySiteBuilder


Regular websites are good ways to start a business but modern time calls for a more interactive website, which can be attained using flash commands and programs. Nevertheless, thinking of its feature can overwhelm novice to advanced website owners. TrendSiteBuilder presents as the perfect platform that helps everyone set their own flash websites that attract visitors’ attention.


TrendySiteBuilder includes free site designs, custom templates, media player platform, YouTube integration and a lot more. Matching its name, it allows everyone to set a trendy website that leaves a good impression online.


  1. Installatron


Various web applications are necessary for business websites and they vary based on what a business owner needs. Installing these programs can be quite a challenge for starting website owners. Nonetheless, starting early in the competition helps them build more connections and establish their online presence. With Installatron, even novice users can install their web applications without problems even without the knowledge of conventional installation techniques.


The good thing about Installatron is it also offers quality web applications, which helps people gain utmost benefit for their pages.


  1. Server Monitoring


Server monitoring is crucial to ensure your website is up at all times. However, not everyone has the time to sit around and monitor their servers online. With Server Monitoring, you will have a guard that will report down times and even provide status reports for your page. Ensuring that your website is up also ensures that you will not lose clients due to your site being inaccessible.


  1. Attracta SEO Tools


One of the strategies in being on top of your online business is through SEO or search engine optimization. Attracta SEO Tools helps you tweak your website and ensure indexing on major search engines. It also checks your website for malware and other elements that may result to being blacklisted on these pages.


By investing in these cPanel add ons, you can take advantage of the best online presence. Competition is getting tougher so it is important to invest in the best solutions possible that will help you gain benefits online.


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