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3/14/2014 – What Can Blesta Do For You?

Posted by Jamison on 14 03 2014.

Technological advances and intensifying online market competition prompted developers to create add ons that gain entrepreneurs an edge in their respective industries. One of the available add ons today that work for host providers is Blesta.


What is Blesta?


Blesta is an automated invoicing solution that lets webhosts generate professional invoices. Invoices are generated as PDF files ready for distribution to clients obtaining hosting and other web-related services. Blesta is among the competitive invoicing systems available in the market that boost a webhost’s integrity.


Why use an automated invoice solution?


Although invoicing process seems simple, it requires utmost accuracy to maintain trust from clients. Customers retaliate once service providers screw up their invoices. Depending on how webhosts manage invoicing problems and improve their systems, clients can bring their business elsewhere.


An automated solution means services obtained will be integrated on the invoice right away, computed and billed on invoice. Less data input or typing maintains high accuracy details that result to right invoices at all times.


Blesta Features


It’s true that Blesta is just one of the invoicing add ons designed with cPanel. This prompted many skeptical webhosts to ask questions about what it offers. Blesta’s features include the following:


  • Automation that gets the job done. Automating invoice creation gains entrepreneurs advantage in managing their businesses. Cutting down time in monitoring, noting, cross-checking, and generating invoice means more time spent on other important tasks.
  • Supports different payment gateways. Clients have their own payment gateways or mode that they are comfortable of using. Webhosts must meet their clients’ preference or they will bring their business to other companies. Blesta supports numerous payment gateways and promises to set up more options in the long run.
  • Multi-currency support. Webhosting clients can be from other countries and being able to work with their own currencies can be beneficial for the business. Use Blesta to generate invoices according to clients’ currencies.
  • Complete client management solution. Track down transactions with clients by checking their Client Profile. Transactions range from initial services, new added solutions, payments received, pending invoices, support tickets and many more. This solution is more than transaction tracker, but also support tracker in case clients send inquiries about different concerns.
  • Fully customizable dashboards. Blesta offers a customizable dashboard in managing invoices and other transactions. This allows companies to set their own brand and match the dashboard interface according to their preferences.
  • Set up payment reminders. Keep clients from paying late by setting up payment reminders for their unpaid bills. This feature lets webhosts to set up reminders according to their preferred schedule.
  • Developer documentation. Blesta assures developers proper documentation each time APIs and other features are updated. Developers need these documentations for their own reference or other related processes. Documentation details generated on the report, making them available for webhosts’ developers.


Blesta is indeed a powerful invoicing solution for clients. Webhosts can also take advantage of its unbranded version that is useful for setting their own brands. Consider Blesta and let it work in automating and promoting efficiency in generating invoices for your clients.


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