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3/13/2014 – What are Command Line Scripts in cPanel?

Posted by Jamison on 13 03 2014.

cPanel aims to allow clients to use the platform easily according to their preferences. Its developers incorporate numerous features that make users comfortable in managing their websites and servers. Among these solutions are command line scripts.


If you’re a first time cPanel user, it is best to understand this feature and how it works for you.


What is a command line?


Before knowing about the scripts, you should start to know what command line is. Command line is an interface with black background and with designated spaces where you can type in the commands. In essence, it’s like the DOS platform available on today’s modern platforms.


What are command line scripts?


Command line scripts are syntaxes typed on the command line spaces. Every code has different functionality that will work with cPanel. You can run several cPanel processes by typing these codes and can have a lot of benefits for you.


It’s all about the preferences


Command line is the counterpart of graphic user interface. Graphic user interface is where the platform utilizes program designs and are generally easy to manage or configure. But despite GUI’s simplicity, many individuals, particularly experts on cPanel technicalities, prefer command line. Both interface work with their respective functionalities, but it all boils down to which platform people are comfortable using.


Benefits of command line scripts


Command line scripts seem complex and confusing. However, choosing these scripts offer a lot of benefits. First, scripts work once launched. Second, users can combine several codes and automate cPanel operations. Automating these processes cut down the time spent for cPanel management.


Famous command line scripts and functions


Several command line scripts are known to cPanel users. Experts recommend knowing basic command line scripts and find them useful for their own cPanel tasks. The following are some of the known scripts supported in command line.


  • easyapache. Running this script allows you to upgrade, compile and reinstall Apache, which is a vital component in cPanel. Aside from Apache, you can also configure and run other cPanel modules like PHPs.
  • restartsrv_*. This script is created to restart several cPanel server services manually. Experts recommend restarting SSH supported services if necessary.
  • *up. The syntax can be self-explanatory. Its primary function is to update cPanel and WHM services on servers manually. The updating process requires various forms like eximup and phpup. The asterisk before up stands for the prefix describing the services that require updating.
  • killacct. This script lets you automate account removals if necessary. Its function is similar with wwwacct script’s nature.
  • addpop. Running this script will let you add email addresses using SSH. It will create the new address together with your preferred password on the account. Set it up and you’ll see the new email account in the system.


Command line scripts are very technical in nature, but you’ll get the hang of it through practice. Don’t hesitate to try it out and search for famous syntax online to experience their benefits on your cPanel. cPanel’s website also has a list of commonly used scripts many server and website owners use.