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3/12/2014 – Website Domain Names: Defining the Differences

Posted by Jamison on 12 03 2014.

Getting a custom domain name is one of the primal rule in challenging the online industry. Having your custom domain will make your brand standout. Furthermore, your domain can be indexed on search engine results, allowing you to compete with other website owners in your own niche.


You probably saw several domain name types as you research about domain names and the recommended way of assigning name for your website. This trigger the question as to why there are several types and how they will work for your website. Learn about the types and their functions for your website.


Why there are different domain name types?


Domain types are set as a way of distinguishing their functions online. For instance, some domain names may direct visitors to a different page on your website. Its main function is to connect web surfers to the page they want to visit.


On the other hand, other domain name types are meant for redirection purposes in case you decided to have another domain name. It is best to know about these types to ensure you’ll understand how they will work for your advantage.


Three domain name types


Three domain names can function differently on websites. They may sound confusing at first, but further study will define their differences in terms of function.


  • Sub domains. Remember that your domain name is your main website name with extension like Sub domains are domain names aside for a different page or directory in your server. For example, you created a blog in your website, you can set its sub domain as or


Sub domains can be set up through your control panel like cPanel. In this case, the term sub domain is somehow self-explanatory. It’s like giving a name to a subdirectory found in your entire website directory.


Since sub domain is like a sub page, setting it up in your server should be free of charge. You’re not registering a new domain name unlike the next types.


  • Parked domains. Parked domains are often set up by people changing their domain names and still want to make sure that their earlier visitors can access their site. This type means having two different domain names that direct to a single website. For instance, your two domain names are and If visitors type either of the two, they will be directed to a single website. Registration is required since you’re buying another domain name, which can be done using the same domain name registrar that you used before.


  • Add-on Domains. The concept of add-on domain is similar with parked domains, but with different functions. Add-on domain means having another domain that will direct visitors to another independent website. Taking the examples above, will direct visitors to website1 while will go to website2. Registration is also required to have an add-on domain.


Website domain names will work for your advantage. Be sure to understand these concepts as you will find them useful once you started to expand your online ventures.