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3/10/2014 – Webhost Service Limitations

Posted by Jamison on 10 03 2014.

You’re probably overwhelmed with the countless points to check in getting a webhost. Tips include comparing resources, finding promo deals, and other vital components that will make website management simpler. However, you must also be careful with potential traps that may burn your money and dream of conquering the online industry.


Potential traps?


These traps are often the limitations set by webhosts. Initial look at your options will draw your attention to the unlimited essentials they offer and keep you away from the fine prints, which often have their service limitations. If you’re shopping for webhosts, be sure to check the following limitations and keep yourself from experiencing issues in the long run.


The not-so unlimited bandwidth and disk space


These are common promos or deals offered by webhosts. They offer affordable hosting plans with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Getting this service type prompts a lot of users to go ahead and create file-rich websites and drive traffic to their page. The problem is that these so-called unlimited essentials are not-so unlimited at all.


Keep in mind that webhosting is a business and offering unlimited service can be detrimental for their incomes. Although the offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, they still set certain limitations that will affect your page. You may find your website inaccessible to users since you’ve already overused and abused your “unlimited” privileges.


Database connection limits


Database connections are crucial for website. Some webhosts offer limited database connections at a time, which means they will run out of resources once you overused it. Once overused, you’ll get error messages that you can’t connect to the MySQL server, which is also detrimental for your website. Check these database connections to know the limitations before setting up your first website.


Resource usage


Servers run on resources and just like other essentials, there’s a tendency to overuse it. Keep in mind that you’re getting shared resources in obtaining affordable servers. It means that more websites share the resources and your page is doomed once neighbor websites overuse these resources. Your website won’t launch or load slower than expected. Minimize possible resource use by tweaking your website files to ensure they will load no matter how much neighbors overuse the resources.


Types of neighbor websites


Sharing a single server disk with other website owners can also endanger your page. Some webhosts bluntly state that they don’t allow illicit websites like pornography-themed pages in their servers while others won’t. If webhosts are mum about this rule, better not to choose their service as your site will be affected as well. Their sites may have malwares or other elements that can affect your IP address and result to canceling your page.


The consequences


Be aware that some website owners are not transparent in informing the consequences of overuse of resources or by building a website that may have illegal activities. You might find your connection shut down after overuse or charge astronomical overage prices. Read these consequences by researching their policies in depth.


Watch out for some webhosts’ smear campaigns. Being extra careful will consume your time, but the amount of problems you’ll avoid will definitely make up for the effort.