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3/09/2015 – Fix the License File Expired Error

Posted by Jamison on 09 03 2015.

This type of error on cPanel most often appears as:


License File Expired


You shouldn’t panic when you see this error message because this simply may mean that you need to update something. Make sure that you’ve checked your license here. cPanel can verify if your license has expired and you need to make some steps to renew your license.


If you do have a license and it doesn’t come up on the website’s query, cPanel has this quick solution for you to try before you contact support:


Follow these steps:


  • Make sure running this command as root on the server gives the IP that you expect: lynx -dump
  • Run the following as root on the server: /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt.
  • If you are still having trouble, please Open a Support Request with official cPanel support.


Another solution as presented by the cPanel official documentation FAQ is:


Your server needs to be able to communicate with the license servers. To confirm that your server’s main IP address matches the IP address that is stored in cPanel’s license servers, perform the following steps:


  1. Run the following command as the root user:


    2. If the IP addresses do not match, you will need to perform one of the following actions:

    • Change the routing in your server and network to route outbound traffic from the IP address that is licensed.
    • Change the IP address on the license to match the IP address returned by the curl command.

    3. Check your license on to confirm that it is valid. If your license is not valid, contact your license provider.

    4. If your license is valid, run the following commands as the root user:

rdate -s



    5. Confirm that your server queries the root nameservers and has a valid hostname. If you need assistance with this, contact your hosting provider.


If these steps did not fix the issue, contact your license provider.


Most of the time, you may find that there has been some delay in registering your license. The sooner you contact your provider, the sooner you can access your website or email. You can always switch license providers if you are unsatisfied with what they provide but keep in mind that some distributors may require additional fees for transfer and other items.


Before you purchase licenses, cPanel does want you to make sure you understand the difference between between cPanel/WHM® Dedicated and VPS licensing:


cPanel/WHM® Dedicated: The standard version is designed to be installed on a full dedicated server, which allocates 100% of it’s hardware to the operations of that machine.


cPanel/WHM VPS: VPS Optimized 2 version is designed to be within an environment running such virtualization software as listed on: Both products have the same features, but the cPanel/WHM Optimized 2 version simply optimizes the install configuration to make the best use of memory and processors on a virtualized environment.