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3/08/2013 – Strengthen Your Business Brand with cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 08 03 2013.

Entrepreneurs value several factors that promote their success. Branding is one of these important elements that help them leave good impression in the market. For hosting service providers, cPanel allows them to set their brand properly to ensure clients will continue supporting their business.


Usually, people think that hosting businesses cannot set their own brands on their offered servers, that they will primarily get the general look for their servers. However, cPanel lets hosting business owners integrate with ease while letting them set their brand. If you plan to set this type of business, you can strengthen your brand through the following factors.


Custom login and logout pages


Accessing their servers require clients to login to direct them to their specific servers. If you plan to enter this type of business, you may want to know how you can properly brand your business right at this part of their server dashboard. You can customize your cPanel so it will have your brand name and company logo so you will take advantage of branding your business.


The good thing about cPanel is you can customize it easily so you have your own login page that constantly reminds your clients of your business’ name and brand.


cPanel interface


The cPanel interface welcomes your clients after logging in. the user interface stores all the information about the web applications and other add ons installed by the clients. Just like setting a login page, you can customize the cPanel interface with the goal of making your branding consistent.


You can change various cPanel interface elements. Since your goal is brand consistency, you can set various icons and images on the interface and use it in general in your hosting business. Set your brand regardless of the number of clients you have. Aside from icons and images, embedding your logo is also one of the known ways of setting your brand. Place this on the cPanel interface and let your clients see this all the time.


In addition to pictures, you can also customize the interface’s CSS designs so everything will truly be consistent with your brand.


Plugin links and other CPanel elements


Most of the time, customization may only include changing cPanel elements like icons. Hence, you cannot add any new icon that may set your brand. cPanel, however, aids you in promoting your brand by helping you customize icons by adding new ones if necessary. Some icons and applications should be available right on the interface page even if they are not placed there on default. Set your brand by using icons that you think are necessary.


More than just the icons, you can also add other links on your cPanel, which boosts efficiency for users, who are probably entrepreneurs or running an organization that provides details for its contacts or leads.


cPanel customization helps you set your brand by making your server dashboard look more like your business. Branding is the key in setting up a good presence in the business and Internet world. You will absolutely strengthen your hosting business brand and promote success in the long run.