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3/05/2014 – Top Plugins That Can Enhance a Webhost or Website’s Image

Posted by Jamison on 05 03 2014.

Websites and servers work using different plugins or add ons. Using the right plugins can enhance their services, ultimately leading to improving their image. Naturally, clients will notice unparalleled services and prompt them to recommend services or websites to other individuals.


The question is what kinds of plugins webpage owners and host providers must use and integrate to their services. Top plugins work on the following tasks and result to improved company image for these online investors.


Enhanced server monitoring


Regular downtime is considered disastrous for hosts and websites. A down server means down website, which affect traffic and website impression. Visiting a website with regular downtime will cause them to look for other webpages that are always available. As for website owners, they don’t want to work with a webhost with unreliable servers.


Server monitoring plugins will track down the cause of server downtime. Knowing the cause will help webhosts check and fix the problem. Furthermore, this plugin can also automatically reboot a server in instances of downtime to restore its functionality.

Remarkable auto installer


Website owners want to install every essential plugins and scripts possible one go. Host providers can make this possible by promoting a reliable auto installer in the system. Placing these installers will leave an impression that webhosts concentrate on clients’ convenience by allowing them to have their needed plugins and prepare their site for future visitors as soon as possible. They will find the hosts reliable and result to continuous business connection.


Notable branding solution


Branding is a crucial element today in gaining companies and edge against their competitors. They want to set their brands and create a buzz in the market. Setting up their brands is possible by using plugins that enhance website and dashboard designs.]


Website owners can take advantage of high end website builders that create flash-based, interactive pages. They can obtain these plugins and use it for their business.


As for host providers, they can customize their cPanel dashboards through skin editors or themes. Through themes, they can set their brand and divert their brand away from the entire pool of webhosts. Similarly, they can choose unbranded licenses for automated invoicing in preparation to setting their own brand.


Guaranteed spam protection


No one wants spam messages because of their potentially dangerous contents like malware threats. Email subscribers from a company will end up unsubscribing if they see these spams. Website owners can also detract from their current host providers if their IP addresses and servers are labeled or blacklisted as spam. Installing a trustworthy spam protection can instantly lift business owner’s image online and gain more clients.


Timely customer support


Customers with concerns and inquiries need immediate answers or they will bring their business elsewhere. Timely customer support using plugins will guarantee image facelift, ultimately gaining clients’ trust in the process.


Plugins are designed to make online operations more convenient and run flawlessly. Using top plugins can also enhance an online entrepreneur’s image because of their offered functions that give value to their clients.