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3/05/2013 – Server Monitoring: Prime Investment for Your Business Website

Posted by Jamison on 05 03 2013.

Utmost monitoring is needed in running a business even on its websites. However, there are some business elements that cannot be monitored all day. One of them is monitoring servers.


Why is there a need to monitor servers?


Servers are the element that makes your websites available online. If your server is down, then it will not show your page online and result to losing clients in the future.


While essential, you cannot monitor your servers all day and all night. You may not have the time to do and it is theoretically impossible for people to do this job. Server Monitoring steps in as your next best investment for your business. Here are some of the features this add on offers that will benefit your business.


All day, every day monitoring


As mentioned earlier, it is theoretically impossible for humans to monitor their servers all day. However, this add on can monitor servers all day being an automated system. It is awake when you are not to monitor your server and let you know if you are getting the utmost benefit from your server solution.


Reports and notifications


Since you will not be around at times when it monitors your server, you need to know when downtime occurred and audit it for your server needs. This will let you know if you have problems on your website and do something about it. Server Monitoring will send you a notification when these instances occur.


This add on offers different ways of notifying users about the downtime. Server Monitoring developers’ goal is to ensure that every user will know about these downtimes immediately and fix the issue if possible. They will inform users through email or SMS, which are the fastest ways of letting users know about these problems.


Performance reports


As a business owner, you need to monitor your website and to see if your servers do their jobs properly. By shopping online, you see the percentage downtime of a server provider. However, you may want to know if it actually delivers what it promises and see their benefits. This is where performance reports come in. You will see how many times the server has had its downtime and other information that lets you know if you are getting the most value for your money.


Working on different protocols


Website structure can be confusing for many individuals and a lot of business owners are concerned if their cPanel add ons will work on their servers and programs. It supports pinging on different protocols and ensures to function properly for continuous monitoring.


Migration services


This may not be your first time to use a monitoring add on. It stores several days as you use them but if you plan to use this add on, you can easily migrate its data for your Server Monitoring add on and use it for future references. The good thing is migrating uptime records are free of charge.


Server Monitoring is indeed a useful program for your business. It still has more features that you will find worthy of investing for your business as it helps you keep your website up.


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