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3/04/2014 – Branded or Unbranded: Whats for Me

Posted by Jamison on 04 03 2014.

cPanel works with a wide array of licenses with utmost compatibility. They improve and customize server and business operations according to clients’ preferences. Aside from license brands and types, clients are also given an option to get unbranded or branded licenses.


If you’re looking for these services, you may have seen these options, triggering the question about their differences and advantages.


Branded vs. Unbranded: The Difference


There’s not much difference between branded and unbranded licenses. Branded licenses mean add ons will have indicators that introduce the brand. For instance, WHMCS offers branded and unbranded licenses. Branded WHMCS will show the tag “Powered by WHMCS” on the add-on’s platform. Tags used may vary across add ons due to how they are designed, but their primary goal is to introduce that a certain company is behind the add on.


Unbranded licenses, on the other hand, eliminate these tasks. Most webhosts and website owners want to obtain unbranded solutions because of their offered benefits for their businesses.


Discussions about differences go beyond defining features present in between options. Users discuss about potential effects for their businesses.


Common discussions about branded and unbranded licenses


Discussions often focus on how this branding system works for the add on developers and clients’ required operations. Some website owners consider branded licenses as a way to set a backlink for the add on developers. Taking WHMCS again for example, the “Powered by WHMCS” tag has a link. Clicking on this link will direct visitors or users to WHMCS’ website.


Other discussions also tackle about branding as potential marketing strategy. Naturally, seeing the brand and the link can trigger curiosity. Visitors will check the site and see what the company offers. In the process, they are reaching out to more visitors and convert them into clients in the future.


Removing branding are also common topics online. Some individuals say that it may be possible to remove branding by changing themes through enhanced webpage development. However, several experts say that it may not be possible despite the effort.


Potential advantages of both options


Both solutions have their benefits. Unbranded licenses are recommended for companies that wanted to set their own brands. The rule of thumb in setting your own brand is to eliminate as much traces of other services’ brand as possible. Therefore, clients will only concentrate on your own brand instead of diverting their attention to others.


Another advantage is that many cPanel licenses offer branded and unbranded licenses. Check the developers’ offer and see your options as well as their price.


Downsides surrounding the licenses


Branded licenses are often cheaper than unbranded ones. Technically, add on creators gain benefit from branding their solutions. Clients can choose to upgrade their licenses to unbranded for a price, which is useful once they find it necessary.


Upgrading to unbranded licenses is possible, but it can be done for a price. The downside is that upgrade to unbranded services vary depending on their offers. Hence, clients will find licenses offering expensive upgrade rates than others.


Overall, branded and unbranded licenses have minor differences, but can have great impact on your business. Consider your need and the pros and cons for your business before making your choice.