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3/03/2014 – cPanel Solutions That Will Work for Your Storage Space

Posted by Jamison on 03 03 2014.

Servers are among the high technology investments every online entrepreneur or other regular business owners must obtain in building a great website. Although servers seem like storage page for websites or other shared documents within the network, they require utmost administration and management to guarantee seamless operations than the usual. Server owners aim to manage their servers easier to concentrate on their other tasks.


cPanel server administration add-ons


cPanel’s compatibility with numerous add ons make it the most esteemed control panel available today. Server owners can take advantage of two administration and monitoring add ons offered by BuycPanel for clients. These add ons are cPanel Server Administration and Server Monitoring Only.


cPanel Server Administration


Servers are not only virtual spaces where website owners and developers store files. They are portals with continuous operations between the website and network. Hence, it has numerous background operations that may cause it to overload or crash. With cPanel Server Administration add on, website and server owners will have a virtual worker monitoring server operations 24/7. Some of the functions this add on conduct regularly are the following:


  • Server upgrades. Just like regular computers, servers run utilizing operating systems, which require regular upgrade. Upgrades installed in the system enhance functionality and security. Updates will be installed automatically and ensure flawless performance at all times.
  • New server setup. Some clients find themselves needing another server or allocated space that require new setup. This add on will do the setup, making new server preparation a breeze.
  • Malware threat scanning. Malwares may invade the disk considering the technology used by hackers today. cPanel server administration will conduct regular malware scanning and enhanced protection that keep network files secured.
  • MySQL optimization. Websites operate using databases and they also require to run seamlessly. Optimization is not a problem with this tool because of its high-end MySQL optimization feature.
  • Promote resources efficiency. Servers run with aid from memory modules or RAM. This add on will assign and optimize RAM resources accordingly and result to efficient server operations.
  • Backup auditing. Be confident that your files are secured within the server through its backup auditing features. Check which files are backed up and potential inconsistencies that occur within the site.
  • Server monitoring. This feature is an additional feature that monitors server exchanges and report downtime and potential cases. Once the server is down, it can reboot the server in accordance to what the server owner configures.
  • Disk cleanup options. Free up space in a jiffy by using this feature. See how much space is available for you and use for other files.


Server Monitoring Only


This add on is cheaper compared to cPanel Server Administration because it only offers monitoring. Downtime causes will be analyzed and prepared on a report or log. Reboot functions are also configurable as required by owners.


Server administration is a vital procedure in maintenance servers and website. Remember that a fully operational server dictates your website’s availability online. Get these solutions for your servers to make sure they will run accordingly and prevent potential problems that affect online visibility.