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3/01/2013 – RVSiteBuilder Benefits You!

Posted by Jamison on 01 03 2013.

Building a website can be a daunting task for individuals who plan to build one. This usually requires assistance from another expert. Having cPanel, a revolutionary software package, allows users to manage websites through servers make the task easier, add ons like RVSiteBuilder Pro make the web building process easier.


RVSiteBuilder Pro comes with a long list of features that will work effectively for upcoming website owners in building their own websites in the long run. Here are some of the features that will benefit your page and promote success in the business you’re trying to run.


Website template


Your web design and layout serves as your business’ face online. It calls for a good website design that is easy to look at and navigate for your visitors. Coming up with your own template can be challenging, particularly if you have no experience in doing so. RVSiteBuilder Pro saves you the time with its offered customizable templates that you can use for your page.


Templates come in standard and royalty free templates that will boost your website’s image online. It also allows you to design your own template if you have another look in mind. Flash website templates are also available for a more interactive website that you can be proud to flaunt online.




Do away with the codes that are difficult to understand and you will not immediately see its output. RVSiteBuilder Pro offers WYSIWYG editor platform so you can immediately view how your website looks like as you build it. You can use it in editing your flash effects for the website, template, online forms, counter and others.


SEO-related features


Conquering the top results online is one of your goals to help your business and it is possible with the help of RVSiteBuilder Pro’s extra features. It allows you to edit your page title, META tags, keywords and description. You can introduce your page better while helping it be indexed faster for improved search results.


System features


Admin features are also important for webpage building. With RVSiteBuilder Pro, you have an auto backup and update feature as you use this add on. If you are still uncomfortable with the latest version, you can rollback to an earlier version and be more comfortable in using this system. It is fully integrated to WHM, making it easier to use with your cPanel.


Other essential features


  • Unlimited end-users
  • Enhanced support using various languages
  • Free media like banners, flash, bullets, buttons and others
  • Essential page components like newsletters, photo gallery, guest book and others
  • Draft features
  • Page effects
  • Access control
  • Affordable price


Why go Pro?


RVSiteBuilder is available in two major options like Pro and Lite. Going Pro, however, provides more features that you need in competing in today’s modern online industry. Even with its enhanced features, investing on this option is still more affordable while providing numerous benefits on your website.


Take the challenge of building a website the easy way but with enhanced look that impresses every visitor. RVSiteBuilder Pro helps you get in your A game and ensure your website’s competitiveness online.


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