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3 Ways That cPanel’s VPS Can Help You Succeed

Posted by Jeff on 07 04 2016.

A Virtual Private Server, or VPS, is a fast, convenient, and affordable option for businesses in need of server space. Unlike other server options, such as shared hosting or cloud-based services, VPS’s functionally is similar to having your very own dedicated physical server, but with distinct advantages over the latter.

One fundamental question that people often ask in regards to VPS is why they should opt for this service instead of investing in their own server. The answer, of course, varies with each situation, but in general, the reason ‘why’ comes down to three key factors: freedom, efficiency, and focus. Here is how a VPS provides advantages in these three key areas, and why it may be the best decision for your business, now and into the future.

1. Freedom

A VPS is a virtual machine, unlike other kinds of server services, is not bound by software. In fact, most VPS services allow you to run the OS and software of your choice, including software that you are already using. This not only gives you the freedom to create and use your own server space as you choose, but ensures that your services, which are reliant on your server OS, remain seamlessly available. And if you ever want to switch up the software used, you can do so simply and easily since you are in charge of that aspect of your VPS service.


2. Efficiency

A VPS, is functionally similar to a dedicated physical server in terms of performance, which means you can get the speed and space you need to run your hosted content and programs at their top performance levels. Those making the switch from shared hosting services often notice the improvement in performance nearly instantaneously, since the ability and capacity of your server space increases dramatically. A VPS, because of this performance, can actually become a key aspect of your business’ growth moving forward, since these key improvements can lead to better experiences by those interacting with and using your hosted content.

3. Focus

The key benefit that a VPS has over a dedicated physical server, is convenience. Actual physical servers require many different things, from regular maintenance and capable, dedicated staff, to the right temperature and physical conditions to keep it running at its optimal levels. All of these things require time, money, resources and labor, not all of which are absolutely integral to your business. But with a VPS, you can offload some of a dedicated physical server’s demands onto professionals. So rather than having your own IT guy for your servers, along with a specially cooled room in which to house the server, you can rely on professionals to maintain the server and keep it running. And instead, you can focus your own efforts and resources on what your business is meant to do.

A VPS offers distinct advantages over other forms of hosting, ones that help you stay focused on what you do best while running a seamless and smooth operation. If you’re interested in seeing how a VPS can help your business succeed, be sure to contact BuycPanel for more information.