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3 Ways Your Server Location Can Benefit Your Business

Posted by Allura on 21 12 2017.

Servers provide a vital technology backbone for organizations, but, does where they are situated make a difference? As we delve deeper into technology and consider how the technology choices we make influence our businesses, does the location of a server matter when most businesses are putting their data in the cloud?


Does Location Really Matter?

It’s not a new fact that server location is recognized as one of the most crucial factors in organizations succeeding in implementing their IT strategies. And while much airtime has been given to the importance of storing data securely the question of location security is only really being asked now.


An Effective Location Means Less Risk

Let’s take a side-step and look at the risk factor first. Critical data like invoices, emails and financial information is needed for the day-to-day operations of a business. The loss or downtime of this data would bring most operations grinding to a halt.

Couple that with the fact that there are plenty of places on Earth that are regularly rocked by natural disaster, violence and political turmoil. There aren’t many businesses that would be confident about their mission-critical data hosted in unstable places.

To mitigate risk your servers should be exposed to low risk environmentally. The location should also be politically and legally stable. Countries with corrupt governments should be avoided and security policies should be balanced.


An Effective Location Could Complement Your SEO Efforts

If you want to optimize a business website it’s advisable to use servers close to where you are. And while Google’s ranking works across a combination of hundreds of factors the IP address of your server is one of the elements that gets taken into account. You don’t have to get it down to the city or town, but the same country is a good idea.


An Effective Location Provides A Competitive Advantage

A good location is secure but can also offer you the competitive edge. In the case of transaction-based businesses, server location can play a role in transaction processing times. In the case of online stores or content sites, faster loading pages keep users dialed in.

So these advantages are pretty significant but the important thing to note is many businesses make their server choices based on cost effectiveness. And often the cheaper options are situated outside of your own borders. Where the question of risk, security and efficiency probably needs to be investigated more fully.