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2/3/2012 – How to install your cPanel/WHM

Posted by Jamison on 03 02 2012.

Whether you are installing cPanel/WHM from a new server or from an existing server, you need to purchase a cPanel and WHM license for the IP address of your server.


If you are installing cPanel and WHM onto a new server, you must install your operating system before you can begin installing cPanel/WHM. For an existing server, simply follow the next set of installation steps.


Once you have your cPanel and WHM license you are ready to install the software. The first step is to open your home directory by typing the command cd / home. cPanel and WHM must be downloaded from the servers by using the wget command. You should have the complete address of the download server as provided by your sales rep.


After the download completes, you will then type the command sh latest. This opens the installation files and executes them. During the installation, the cPanel and WHM license will be verified. If the license check fails, simply follow the instructions that your sales rep provided to manually complete the process.


By default, the cPanel and WHM installation also installs the latest Apache and PHP versions. Once installation is complete, you can customize your configuration with EasyApache, which is included with WHM.


If you are installing cPanel and WHM on DNSONLY, you follow the same instructions as indicated above, with the exception of you include DNSONLY in the wget and sh latest commands per the instructions from your customer representative.


Upon completing the cPanel and WHM installation, you are then ready to log into the WHM. You do this by entering https://$IP:2087 into your web browser. This is similar fashion as when logging into a cPanel account. You will be prompted to enter a Name. In this field, enter the word root. Then enter your password in the password field. Then click log in.


You are now ready to setup your server using WHM!


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