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2/3/2012 – How do I license cPanel?

Posted by Jamison on 03 02 2012.

You have read all of the product literature, and what seems to be an almost endless train of reviews about cPanel, and you are ready to purchase a cPanel license so you can install the software on your server. Now what do you do? You have read the purchase information in the online store at and you now ask which license you purchase. Perhaps a better question for you to ask is how you intend to use your servers.

cPanel is licensed for different environments – virtual and dedicated. There is no difference in the cPanel functionality between either setup. In each environment, cPanel is licensed for each account that is set up on your server. It should be noted, however, that a license for a virtual server will only work on a virtual server, and a license for a dedicated server will only work on a dedicated server. You cannot interchange the two license types.

In addition, even though one cPanel license covers all of your accounts on one server, you cannot use the same cPanel license on multiple servers. One cPanel license only covers one server. Therefore, if you have two servers that you want to install cPanel on, you must purchase two licenses. One server cannot include both a virtual and a dedicated environment. Each cPanel license is intended for use on only one environment.

Once cPanel is installed and verified on one server with one environment, the license does include any type of account on that server, and includes unlimited IP’s on that server.

When you order your cPanel license from, your license will be activated instantly and will be ready for you to install on your server. If you still have questions about purchasing your cPanel license from, please contact us via email, or by Live Chat. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about purchasing a cPanel license.


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