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2/28/2014 – Programs’ Dedicated Servers Need

Posted by Jamison on 28 02 2014.

Server maintenance can be challenging for shared server owners, particularly if users don’t have technical expertise in doing these tasks. Maintaining and optimizing performance become more daunting for dedicated servers because of the overall server profile.


Dedicated servers have higher resource profiles, larger disk space, and accommodating more users than regular servers. Promoting optimized server performance and management is easier by using the right programs. Several recommended software can be your tool if you’re using a dedicated software.


Operating system updates


The operating system is the core program that supports different server operations and programs. Developers distribute OS updates users will find useful. Usually, updates offered have improved features that tweak performance while security updates build stronger protection from potential threats. Although a server may have antivirus programs, security updates are still necessary since some activities may escape antivirus program’s monitoring feature.


Aside from updates, developers also release patches that fix bugs that affect the operating system’s performance. Bugs are caused by several inconsistencies or builds with issues.


Updates can be applied automatically or you can check updates availability on schedule then install them.


Server monitoring


A server monitoring software is a highly useful program. It checks for the entire operations occurring in the system. Some of these operations can cause problems to the server, which lead to potential downtime and website inaccessibility. The server owner’s goal is to know what causes this problem and solve the problem correctly.


Aside from monitoring probably problems, this program will also monitor resources, which will guarantee server owners that components run at their optimum features.


Server monitoring programs can also automatically reboot the disk in instances of downtimes. Once rebooted, the server will be up again together with its stored websites.


Antivirus programs and updates


Antivirus programs shield your server from malwares. Malwares can affect overall performance while others use them for account or information theft. Antivirus updates are also available to guarantee their builds have enhanced protective properties.


Anti-spam solutions


Protect your server from potential spam, which may affect your server and website’s integrity. Similarly with antivirus, anti-spam solutions should regularly receive updates to improve their features.


Application monitoring and management


Programs running in servers may load it up and maximize resources use, which affects performance. Be sure to have an application monitoring program that informs you about the programs running in the background. These solutions will also deal with running programs you’re not aware of and remove them in the process.


Performance optimizers


While dedicated servers already have high-end processor and high capacity memory, using performance optimizers will be beneficial for your server. These optimizers will guarantee server resources are distributed efficiently to different operations. You will find a lot of performance-optimizing programs to choose from that match your requirements or budget.


Dedicated servers will still benefit from having these programs. Choose among the best developers offering these software and boost servers’ capacity. Be more competitive in your niche with your server and these programs as your tool in maintaining proper server operations.