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2/27/2014 – Maintenance Procedures That Requires a Dedicated Server

Posted by Jamison on 27 02 2014.

A dedicated server is a remarkable investment for high profile clients considering its features and performance. However, many individuals tend to forget that they have their responsibility in maintaining the server to keep it running flawlessly.


Clients obtaining managed dedicated servers don’t have to worry about maintenance procedures since assigned experts will do the job. Individuals saving money on dedicated servers must maintain the disks themselves. Maintenance procedures are simple like the following:


Security auditing


Security is a vital component in every server. One malicious activity can affect the entire server operation. Confidential information can be collected and used for fraudulent activities or account theft online. This emphasizes the importance of regular security auditing.


Auditing security is conducted through series of program and activity monitoring in the server. First, check if antivirus programs are updated to make sure they have enhanced server protection. Second, check activities occurring in the server. Activities can be conducted by software or individuals accessing the server. Auditing can be conducted using a special program or by manually going through the system.


Application monitoring


Applications running utilize server resources like memory and processor. Excessive resource use can slow the system and result to inconsistencies, which may affect data exchanges between the server and visitors.


An obviously running program can be easily stopped to free resources, but some programs work in the background. Programs running in the background means there are no visible signs of running program, but some services and resources are utilized. Common programs with these capabilities are malwares or other software that show inconsistencies. Monitor running applications and see if they are legitimately installed or not.


Aside from programs that may have been maliciously installed, check if other software are still in use or necessary. Unused software will only clutter the server and cause downtime or slow data exchange. Remove these unwanted or unutilized programs for maintenance purposes.


OS updates and patches


Servers run on operating systems. Developers release updates and patches that enhance performance, promote stability, and increase security. Conduct regular software updates to make sure the operating system has necessary components that will improve its performance.


Backup system files


Any server problem may occur anytime and it can be a problem when you don’t have files backed up. While conducting maintenance procedure, be sure to back up all the files to be ready for future restorations if needed. All the information saved will be set up easily and faster instead of setting up everything from scratch.


Managing users


Several people may access the server. Check every user’s activity and see if they conduct procedures that cause inconsistencies in the system. Verify what they are doing in the server to ensure they don’t do anything malicious.


Aside from their activities, run through the users’ profiles. Their authorizations or access controls might have changed and you need to change them if necessary to prevent future problems.


Dedicated server requires utmost maintenance to guarantee they run perfectly at all times. These are simple procedures, but will optimize server performance effectively.