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2/26/2014 – Dedicated Server Performance: As Perfect as Its Price?

Posted by Jamison on 26 02 2014.

Companies vary and some of them find it necessary to invest on dedicated servers. Their income streams as well as business size causes a boosted demand on enhanced services like servers. Although dedicated servers’ price are considered astronomical by some individuals, corporates will find these servers as the best options that won’t compromise their business goals.


The usual price prompts individuals to ask question about dedicated servers’ performance. Is there performance as perfect as their prices? Are they worth their price?


Impressions about its “perfection”


“Nobody’s perfect,” to quote a traditional saying. Therefore, people can’t clearly say that dedicated servers’ performance are as perfect as some people claim. There is some truth to this claim. Numerous factors can affect a server’s performance despite of their types. However, dedicated server providers make sure to take their service up to a mile to make sure performance is always as its best to match their prices.


What makes them perform well?


Dedicated servers’ performance are credited to its offered features. Webhosts guarantee that all the used components will work together and gain their clients’ confidence about servers’ performance. The following are the vital components that take dedicated servers’ performance to the next level.


  • More than sufficient resources. Dedicated servers combine the power of advanced procedures and high capacity memory modules. They come in different combinations that clients may find fitting. For instance, some plans offer iCore 3 with 8 GB memory while others have iCore 7 with 32 GB RAM. With these resources, dedicated server owners are guaranteed with light speed performance than regular shared servers.


  • Overflowing bandwidth. Gone are the days of worrying about bandwidth as dedicated servers offer several gigabytes up to terabytes of bandwidth limit. They are sufficient in promoting data exchanges between website and visitors as well as within network exchanges.


  • Hard disk capacity surmounting the limits. Get several terabytes of disk space that can keep every vital information in a company. Usually, disk space also contributes on server’s performance. As long as they are not cluttered by excessive files, the server will work remarkably and with lesser to no instances of downtime.


  • Unparalleled security. Dedicated servers enhance performance by ensuring no unwanted files or threats working in the background. Host providers heightened its protection and guarantee seamless operations within the server.


  • Experts working in the background. Clients have an option to get managed dedicated servers. It means that the service provider will assign an individual or a team to manage the server and its required operations like upgrades, maintenance and monitoring. Companies investing on this service are assured that their servers are running smoothly and at remarkable speed. They also check on downtimes and causes then log them on reports for immediate response or resolution.


Without a doubt, a dedicated server is indeed expensive and may not be as perfect. However, these features make them work better than other server solutions available to online entrepreneurs. It’s about taking the features to the next level that guarantee beyond acceptable performance for remarkable company boost.