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2/25/2014 – Enhancing Dedicated Server Security

Posted by Jamison on 25 02 2014.

Dedicated servers are prized investment for corporations. They cost a great deal of money, but with utmost features that boost their competitiveness. This moved server owners and managers to enhance server security on these server types.


Why security is crucial for dedicated servers?


As mentioned earlier, dedicated servers are expensive and one security breach can affect the entire files, compromising everyone’s account. Security breaches can be resolved, but it might cause the server to be unusable during the resolution process. During this time, companies will find themselves spending money monthly on dedicated servers that they can use.


Aside from problematic use, sensitive corporate information must remain confidential. Malwares going through light security system will result information theft and use them for hackers’ personal use.


Procedures in enhancing security


Fortunately, enhancing security on dedicated servers is not that difficult as long as you do several procedures. Create a checklist with these steps and use the right tools or solutions to guarantee utmost security.


  • Install a good antivirus and firewall program. Antivirus programs home computers from malwares obtained from the internet or removable media. This software is also used in dedicated servers for protection. Some antivirus programs are made by reliable brands, gaining clients’ confidence in defending servers from malicious activities.
  • Update operating system regularly. Aside from antivirus, operating system developers release security updates, which works together with other protective software in the server. Update OS regularly to get these updates installed for heightened protection.
  • Reset your password from time to time. Passwords can be hacked and it is best to reset them regularly as preventive measure for potential security issue. Use a password generator in creating high security level codes.
  • Monitor running programs. Limiting the running programs to those that you only need is helpful for server security. Check or scan for running programs and see if they should run or not. If not, better disable the services or remove software if found maliciously working in the server.
  • Check permissions. Everyone accessing the dedicated server have their respective roles and account authorization profile. Review every user’s permissions to ensure no changes occurred along the way.
  • Monitor user activity. Aside from authorizations, monitor users’ activities and see if what services they accessed in the server for a certain schedule. Notice malicious user activities that can be considered as security breaches that require immediate solutions.
  • Backup regularly. Security problems may cause to wipe out current settings or programs. Backup current files and settings to make them ready in case reloading them is necessary in the future. Use specific programs that can help backup files easily and automatically. Dedicated server providers often have a list of available backup solutions recommended for their clients. Shop from the best programs that can make this task possible.


Enhancing security is vital for every server regardless of their types and prices. However, this becomes more important for expensive solutions like dedicated servers. Follow these tasks for your dedicated server and protect your prized investment that serve as backbone of your website.