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2/25/2013 – cPanel License and Its Features

Posted by Jamison on 25 02 2013.

cPanel licenses are important for server management as well as other add ons. Several add ons require specific licenses and they should be added in the server to make them work without problems.


If this is your first time to hear about licenses, you may want to know what features these licenses offer and how they will work for you.


Type of license to purchase


cPanel offers varying types of licenses based on different factors. Some license options are offered for dedicated and virtual servers and they function at their finest and benefit people who will invest on them.


In addition to the available licenses based on server types, license plans are available based on your preferred billing cycle and the length you wish to own a license. All you need to do is to shop for your needed license and choose the one that you can afford.


Dedicated vs. Virtual server license


Encountering the terms dedicated server license and virtual server license confuse a lot of individuals who are just starting on this type of business or those who are new in building a website.


In general, these licenses have similar functionality as well as features but what makes them different is the type of server where they will be set. Dedicated server license is added on a dedicated server. This type of server is where one client uses the whole server disk. It means that all its space is only set for a single client, which is a primary investment particularly for larger businesses.


VPS license is placed in virtual private servers. A virtual environment runs this type of server, giving clients their own space but not have their own server hardware. It means there can be several clients using a single, server disk. Optimization is required to ensure its environment will work at its best performance.


The number of licenses to order


As mentioned earlier, licenses are needed for servers and even for other add ons. One of the questions that come with it is the number of licenses a client must obtain. This varies on different scenario. On a dedicated server, a client can have multiple accounts using a single license. This is if the company will only use their hardware as storage for a single website.


Owners, however, can run several virtual environments in a single server hardware. On this aspect, owners must have a single license for each VPS used in a disk. It is important to check these details prior to buying a license to guarantee proper use.


Trial license


cPanel experts know that clients wish to try their solutions. As they offer licenses, they set trial license potential clients can use. Through demo options, users will also have an idea how simple it is to use these licenses for their website and server management needs.


cPanel licenses are vital components on servers and websites. Knowing these details will let future server and website owners know about what it can do for them and how they can be beneficial in the long run.