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2/24/2014 – Get to Know cPanel’s Mail Section

Posted by Jamison on 24 02 2014.

cPanel serves as your portal in configuring and accessing different add ons needed for your website and server. If you’ll get cPanel, you’ll see one of the solutions you can configure is mail. This is a vital part of cPanel since you’ll use emails for communicating with potential clients.


If this is your first time to use cPanel, it will be beneficial for you know what this page consists of and give you an idea of what operations or programs accessible in it.


Email accounts


This part of Mail will show you a page about adding mail accounts as well as managing existing email accounts that you created. It contains information you’ll need in setting up your mode of communication.




Webmail icons let you access your email using web browsers. Aside from access, you can also rely on this page in obtaining instructions about email web access and configuring language settings on your emails. You can customize their settings and make it more personalized according to your preferences.


Aside from access, this page is also the place where you can troubleshoot webmail problems users commonly experience. Documentations are available at cPanel’s website and will serve as your guide in resolving common problems on your primary communication module.


BoxTrapper and SpamAssassin


Not all emails you receive are worth your disk space. They may be mails, but regarded as eye sores and should be prevented from going through your server. Use BoxTrapper or SpamAssassin to block unwanted emails from specific senders. The portal is a great tool in configuring blocking these mails.




Maintaining two email accounts where you want to direct your emails is simple by using these tools. You can configure your email accounts, which allows you to forward a mail received on one email account to another. This is a good way to save multiple copies for documentation purposes.


Mailing lists


Mailing lists are essential for online entrepreneurs. A mailing list is a collection of several email addresses, which allow users to send a single email using a single address assigned to the group. Configure your email list through this platform.


Account and user level filtering


You may have several email accounts, but you’ll have a primary domain email account while other specific addresses can also be configured. This tool lets you configure and filter mails that should be directed to the primary domain mail or other addresses. Set up your preferences and you’re assured they will work properly.


Auto Responders


Respond to income mails immediately through auto responders. Just like mailing lists, auto responders are important for online entrepreneurs since they need to respond to their potential clients immediately or at least inform them about delayed responses. Through this solution, entrepreneurs can build better business relationships with their clients and gain their trust in the long run.


Without a doubt, cPanel’s Mail tool is a vital solution for today’s website owners or host providers. Its remarkable features make email management simpler. Boost your online competitiveness through this vital tool for communication.